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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Borders and Donald Trump Bobble Heads

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Flipping radio channels is something that happens on a frequent basis in my car. I stop when I find something of interest which means I don’t land on NPR very often. Not that it doesn’t interest other people, it just doesn’t interest me. But a couple of days ago I stopped to hear what was being reported and as usual, ended up rolling my eyes a few times.

One report in particular made me laugh. I’m sure it was intended to make people worry and fret over the potential ramifications of a border wall between the US and Mexico but even the reporter seemed to see the humor. Apparently, she spoke with a man who works in Tijuana who puts items into packages and labels them for shipping. The items are made in China, shipped to San Diego, shipped to Tijuana, and shipped back to San Diego for distribution to customers.

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