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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maddening Politics!

Listening to people calling up talk shows and saying they won’t vote for one person or another if they get the nomination, is maddening! What is wrong with people?

This is the first time I am voting to put someone INTO office rather than keeping someone else OUT. There has been no one since Ronald Reagan to vote for and put into office. My past votes were to try and keep someone else from getting in.

Cruz and Trump are worth voting into office (and Rubio). Quite frankly, I would vote for any of them because a country run by Hilary or Bernie is destined to fall before the rest of the world and getting back out of that hole may not be possible!

Are people so ignorant or just so holier-than-thou that they won’t vote for someone who isn’t their favorite? Is it so they can say, years from now, “I didn’t vote for him” if things go wrong? What if things go right? Will they say they voted for him and lie or will they fess up and state that they were stubborn?

If these people are so determined not to vote for whoever the nominee is, let them stay home and not vote at all rather than vote for the opposition or some other person no one knows… or waste a vote and write down their dog’s name.

Ironically, there are several people who are registered Democrat who state they will vote for Trump over their own party. I’m quite certain that there is someone complaining as I am, wondering why on earth a person would jump sides. It happens, I get it, but the reasons people are giving for not voting for Trump or Cruz are so unimportant compared to what will happen if Hilary or Bernie are elected.

It’s unbelievably stupid!

One can only hope that these people will change their minds during the next several months. If Cruz wins the nomination, maybe he can convince people. If Trump wins, maybe he can convince people. I have never been fond of using the word ‘hope’ but honestly… I hope people stop crying about not getting their favorite person and realize the people running this time around are way, way, way better than the alternative.

It’s hard to fathom just how bad it can get with another year of BO in the office… but it most certainly can get worse.

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