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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rioters: Living on the Edge of Criminal Activity

People can justify just about anything if they believe there is a good enough reason. People can therefore justify criminal activity if they label it with good intentions. If I could not get the things that were necessary to live because there was a world war or everything just went to hell, I would do whatever was necessary to keep my family safe and fed. If that meant taking from the local grocery stores to survive, I would do it. Thus is my own justification for doing something I wouldn’t normally do.

When people riot they dissuade others from taking their side or seeing their reasoning. They cross a line into criminal behavior and it’s hard, if not impossible, to ever go back.

A few years ago something came up on the ballot that I did not vote for or against because I did not have a strong feeling for or against it. Voting just to vote and not knowing the issue or having a reason for voting is foolish. The item was voted down. When it came up on the ballot the next go-around, I again did not vote one way or the other. And again it failed. This time there were riots. People destroyed cars, set fire to buildings, destroyed businesses… all because they did not get their way.

The law abiding individuals who were in favor of it were very unhappy because it harmed their cause. How do I know? Because the next time it came up on the ballot, I voted against it just like so many others. Not because I thought it shouldn’t be passed but because I believe strongly that anyone who gets their way through rioting will only resort to such behavior again and again.

As we go forth in this year’s political process of deciding on a democrat and republican nominee, the people of our country can prove themselves as lawful citizens or criminals. As lawful citizens, they can cheer when their candidate wins, accept when he doesn’t, or even protest when he loses.

As criminals, they can riot. It doesn’t take much for some lawful citizens to cross the line and join hands with criminals, becoming criminals themselves. They justify that their rioting is actually protesting, that it’s for a good cause, that somehow it makes sense to destroy the property of others or even their lives.

Rioting is nothing more than a violent temper tantrum wherein the participants try to do as much damage as possible for the most ridiculous reasons. Let’s be clear…. there is no good reason to riot and a legal protest is completely different. It is a great way for people to make a reasonable point regarding a particular subject and it really can make a difference. A riot only shows that whatever you’re upset about is either not that important, you’re selfish because you don’t care who gets hurt in the process, or that you’re on the wrong side of whatever issue you’re fighting.

The problem with protesting is that there is a strong possibility that some of the people participating are actually there hoping to start a riot. In some cases they don’t even care about the issue. If whatever issue is being protested doesn’t go the way of the protesters, they will riot just for the ability to brag about rioting. The more intensely public the issue is, the more they want to riot. Sadly there are cases where people rioted and caused more damage to property or to other lives than the thing they were rioting against.

The other problem with protesting is that certain protestor organizers take advantage of others who do not understand the law. For example, they can picket on public sidewalks however it must be orderly and they must allow pedestrians to pass or enter buildings. They cannot march down the middle of the street without a permit. They must stay on the sidewalk and not block traffic. There are exceptions, as with anything, but most individuals don’t understand the law and if the organizer says it’s okay, they assume that person knows.

Many times gatherings are considered rallies rather than protests but it’s hard to be clear exactly when a rally becomes a protest or if they are indeed one in the same. A riot however is very distinctive and there is no doubt when a rally or protest becomes a riot.

Make no mistake in understanding the line between lawful citizen and criminal. Some will never cross the line and others are skirting it every day waiting for the justification to step over and do harm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Maddening Politics!

Listening to people calling up talk shows and saying they won’t vote for one person or another if they get the nomination, is maddening! What is wrong with people?

This is the first time I am voting to put someone INTO office rather than keeping someone else OUT. There has been no one since Ronald Reagan to vote for and put into office. My past votes were to try and keep someone else from getting in.

Cruz and Trump are worth voting into office (and Rubio). Quite frankly, I would vote for any of them because a country run by Hilary or Bernie is destined to fall before the rest of the world and getting back out of that hole may not be possible!

Are people so ignorant or just so holier-than-thou that they won’t vote for someone who isn’t their favorite? Is it so they can say, years from now, “I didn’t vote for him” if things go wrong? What if things go right? Will they say they voted for him and lie or will they fess up and state that they were stubborn?

If these people are so determined not to vote for whoever the nominee is, let them stay home and not vote at all rather than vote for the opposition or some other person no one knows… or waste a vote and write down their dog’s name.

Ironically, there are several people who are registered Democrat who state they will vote for Trump over their own party. I’m quite certain that there is someone complaining as I am, wondering why on earth a person would jump sides. It happens, I get it, but the reasons people are giving for not voting for Trump or Cruz are so unimportant compared to what will happen if Hilary or Bernie are elected.

It’s unbelievably stupid!

One can only hope that these people will change their minds during the next several months. If Cruz wins the nomination, maybe he can convince people. If Trump wins, maybe he can convince people. I have never been fond of using the word ‘hope’ but honestly… I hope people stop crying about not getting their favorite person and realize the people running this time around are way, way, way better than the alternative.

It’s hard to fathom just how bad it can get with another year of BO in the office… but it most certainly can get worse.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We Create Our Doom In Our Replacement Generation

Parents have created the kids of today via their own parents over time. 

We tell our grade school kids to share... be fair... be gentle... don't poke fun... follow the rules... always believe the teacher. I did the same to my son but in the background I also told him that it's okay to be proud of his own achievements and that even though we say out loud to follow the rules, sometimes the rules are only make believe and made to hold people back. 

Today the 20-30 years olds seem to think that life isn't fair and if they are receiving more benefits, in whatever form, than the guy next to them, they MUST give it to someone else even if that other person does half the work they do. At the same time, they are extremely selfish and judgmental. They are the first to point and scream how bad someone else is while they are moral kings. 

Have we created a generation whose only purpose is to complain that they don't have what the rich have, and thus it isn't fair, while at the same time feeling ashamed for having even a small amount more than the person down the street? Multi personalities will become the norm.


This was actually written to someone in an email. Sometimes things flow more honestly when you're writing for one person rather than several. Sometimes it just takes a passionate issue to bring it out and it doesn't matter if the reader is 'one' or 'one million'. One million! Wouldn't that be something! Ha!


I am of course speaking in generalities when I speak of the millennials.  There are many things said about generation X, for example, that really does not apply to me. It's like saying all men are this or all women are that. It's baffling how offended people get these days when they feel you are grouping them in with others. Of course it seems people get offended by being told people get offended. 

To get to the point, stop being such a whimp and grow a spine! Stop blaming others, stop being so gullible, stop feeling guilty for things you did not do, stop bullying people into doing what you want them to do (especially when it just makes you look good), stop looking outward for acceptance, and stop blaming your parents. 

Get over it and move on!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Is Trump the Answer?

I don't believe the Republican and Democrat party are really what Americans want them to be. We are left feeling that we must vote for one or the other but are never truly happy with our choices. When Ronald Reagan came along, it was a revelation. It was an eye-opening experience to see him, to hear him, to realize there were other choices. Sadly, neither Republican nor the Democrat party learned anything from his years in office. They thought it was a fluke, just some oddity that happened in time. They went back to being what they were, back to moving into what they really wanted to be. There is no true opposition to Democrats; Republicans are just a lighter version. Somehow they feel that they are on opposite sides but it certainly doesn't seem that way.

So here we are again with the candidate who is completely different than all Democrats and most Republicans, that is to say he is different than Democrats and Republicans who are politicians. He is not so different from the regular American other than his pile of money. The regular American that considers themselves Democrat or Republican because they feel they have no other choice but are extremely disappointed in their choices, will go for Donald Trump. He may not be Ronald Reagan but he certainly isn't what we have now. Everyone is so worried about hurting peoples feelings that no one ever says what needs to be said. People are thin skinned and weak and cry at the slightest infraction. We need a leader who won't hesitate when action is necessary.

Remarkably, we actually have more than one good candidate. Donald Trump may or may not be the final answer but we have others who are running that are deserving of a vote. This may be the first election where I vote for a candidate that I want in office rather than voting to keep someone else out.
May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~