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Monday, June 14, 2010

American Thinker: A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?

LINK: American Thinker: A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?

Hm… this is interesting. One of the things I commented on during the election was the fact I felt that Obama has an anger problem. I have no real basis for it other than he always seems to be controlling himself in a manner that isn’t exactly natural to him. He, at times, seems unnecessarily sensitive to issues that don’t require it and then insensitive to issues that demand it.

It’s amazing though how often instinct is right… how often a feeling inside can really tell us what is true even if we don’t understand it instantly.

Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Assaults Student

Ah yes... who are YOU Congressman Etheridge? You sound belligerent as you assault a young man who has every right to ask you questions. Sorry, but you have chosen to become a politician... you're going to be interviewed from time to time even when you're not READY for it.

They act so different when asked a question that is a positive towards their own agenda... and apparently assault people if they happen to have a real question that might show them for what they truly are.

Check this out. 

Here's another video you may find interesting from Newsy.com giving this incident a different view while looking at the way different news outlets look upon the same issue. I do find it interesting how so many reporters, bloggers, etc. can have so many different opinions on the same subject. Thanks for the heads-up Newsy!

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