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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do Not Let Them Divide Us!

atch this video... it's awesome!

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This is an awesome video!! Please watch!

I just returned from Fort Knox where my son graduated from Basic Training and AIT. I can barely describe the feeling of honor being in the presence of my own son... the pride in how far he's come from being 18 months old to 18 years old. It's so intense watching the ceremony... so simple and yet so meaningful. I could see it in the eyes of every the soldiers there... those that were not called soldiers until they got to that moment when they had achieved more than 99% of Americans will never achieve. They are all soldiers now and they will go on to whatever awaits them.

What he was told while he was there in training and what we as civilians are only getting a mere glance at is how horrible Afghanistan really is. Our president is sending our soldiers into a battle ground unfamiliar to us... into hell and into a place where we are murdered. We were winning before this… we were actually getting somewhere. Now we’re just dying and our enemies are taking full advantage of the inexperience of our Commander in Chief… the man who is supposed to know more than our troops, our generals. He knows nothing of battle but he surely knows how to stand on a podium and “grieve” for those who have fallen. No wait… he doesn’t really know how to do that either but he sure as hell knows how to give shout outs. 

I am disappointed in our president. Granted, I wasn’t thrilled with everything George Bush did but he did know something of war and peace and how to lead. Obama knows nothing of war other than the internal one he feels when someone picks on him. He’s “in it” for himself and not for his country. At least he certainly hasn’t done anything to persuade me differently. 

My son knows more about battle and tactics now after 4 months of intense training than our president will ever know… a man who has never done anything remotely as difficult. When your soldiers know more than the commander… that’s scary and quite frankly, a little dangerous and unnerving.

I foresee horrible events to come… events in Afghanistan and events here in America. No… I am not psychic… I have common sense. What good can come from our soldiers being on a battle ground where death is eminent and what good can come from living a country where our leader hates us? Oh I know what some would say… I’m being over the top and dramatic because surely Obama doesn’t actually HATE us. It’s the only word that best fits other than selfishness and self-serving… which he is. And I must tell you that if you are selfish and self-serving AND you hold a lofty position in ANY society… eventually your thoughts will turn to hate against those who do not wish you to be the ruler you see yourself as. He does not wish to just be the president, he wishes to be the ruler of America… to dictate what we will and will not do… to enslave. 

What Obama and his administration are clearly trying to do is creating hate across America. Why? To divide us… to pull us apart in the most vulnerable areas in order to weaken us and take our liberties away. To cause chaos and frustrations… to create doubt and suspicions… to tear families and communities apart in order to sneak in and create allegiances to them. He certainly is causing anger but his goal of pulling us apart is one we all must prevent. We must be united and find those who have similar beliefs and stand up to those who don’t. 

Oh, I don’t mean fight those who think differently… I mean simply state what you believe and let it go. One of their tactics is to make a person feel that their thoughts and beliefs are something to be ashamed of… something to be embarrassed and afraid of (and we know this based on Obama’s instructions to his followers to get in the faces of those who think differently… to intimidate). I am not ashamed or embarrassed or afraid… I am stronger now than I was two years ago. I know who I am and I demand that my government leave me the hell alone and stop trying to tell me what I can and cannot do.

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~