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Monday, November 2, 2009

Code Pink's Lovely Ladies

Ah, the lovely ladies at Code Pink. So many cult activities... so little time. And the most lovely of them all, Jodie "puke on our country" Evans, has decided that we ("we" meaning all of those individuals who actually fall for her saliva filled crap) should conduct citizen's arrests of the Bush administration... including former president George W. Bush (oh... and his wife Laura... thus the calendar below).

It's refreshing that lovely Jodie (cough) is keeping a calendar for people to use in order to kidnap American citizens. It's also so very cool that we can DONATE money to their cult in order to receive a "gift" of their brainwashing cards. And it's even more special that they provide a special "how to arrest a war criminal" guide. I'm hopeful some lunatic will take these lovely pink pukes at face value and go through with their suggestions... won't it be nice to see them behind bars.

From Code Pink's Site:
With your $10 donation you will receive a gift of our newest War Criminals playing cards--we hope the cards educate you and inspire you to grab a set of pink handcuffs and go make a citizen's arrest, yourself. Our "how-to-arrest-a-war-criminal" guide is included!

This post was inspired by David Drake: Jodie Evans of Code Pink Advocates Kidnapping of George W. and Laura Bush... a lovely written post that is polite, considerate and sensitive in the extreme. Oh wait... I'm sorry... I was thinking of someone else. I will refrain from using some of the lovely words he uses to describe the lovely ladies.

Another article: Jodie Evans Calls for Kidnapping of George and Laura Bush. I'm quite certain that Code Pink will stand up and shout that they are not advocating kidnapping... but making a citizens arrest when the law does not back you up is the same as kidnapping, don't cha know.


molson said...

Call me crazy, but I want a set of those war criminal playing cards. Fortunately I won't bring myself to "donate" $10 to a bunch of whack jobs to get it.

Bug said...

You're absolutely right Molson... you ARE crazy. And like you I think it would be fun to have those cards just to have them. :o)

David Drake said...

Thanks, Bug, as always, for the link and mention. Always appreiciated.

Bug said...

Absolutely David... thanks for bringing it to my attention. :o)

JMK said...

Code Pink is a collection of some of the most deranged women in America.

They're, in effect, "the ladies Auxiliary of the America-Haters Cult."

Bug said...

The more I hear of Code Pink the more I know these "ladies" are just out there to increase their power. Hmmm... much like BO.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~