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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Story of Stuff as Seen by HowTheWorldWorks

Lee Doren from How the World Works has provided four video critiques of The Story of Stuff that provides more details as to what is ACTUALLY being said in the video being shown in to our children without our permission in our public schools.

Thanks to Clifton for letting me know Lee put these videos out!

On a promissing note, our son has never been shown the Story of Stuff in his school. Not sure how he escaped that bit of terror, but it's good news!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

And there you have it... a little more FACT to add to your day. 

I had never seen nor heard of this video until it was brought up on the radio. Often children neglect to mention what they have seen and heard at school and we go about our lives never knowing that they have had lies forced into their brains. As far as they know, we believe the same thing being taught at school. Along comes the day when they see us doing something they were taught is wrong and they come unglued. This causes disrespect from our kids which leads to misbehavior which can lead to the loss of a grand relationship that can be had between parent and offspring when the child becomes an adult. That doesn't mean we all have to agree 100% with our children or our parents... what it means is that we, as parents, need to protect our children from lies so that they can grow up in a healthy environment. Whether or not they hate us for it is another story.

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