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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anonymous Posts... Denied.

Just a quick post here about Anonymous comments... they will not be published any more... even if I agree with what is said. I have posted comments in the past that were both in favor of what I said and those who disagreed... so long as the comments were not an attack on me. Lately however I have been receiving comments from trolls. I may decide differently in the future, but for now... show yourself or be denied a space on my blog. If you want to be nasty and have a link to your blog... well, that's your choice to have others follow you home because I will probably let it be posted (unless you're just being flat out vulgar).

This isn't censorship... for two reasons; 1) I am denying everyone who will not identify themselves and 2) this is a blog started and maintained by a free citizen of this country and I am not a journalist and I don't pay anyone (myself included) for making posts or comments to my blog. [Ha... can you imaging me paying myself... I could give myself a raise anytime I want or just refuse to pay... fantastic]

It's amazing to me (although perhaps it shouldn't be) how easily people hide behind the anonymous disguise. It's in this manner that a person does not have to be responsible for his or her own words. They can mouth off or be rude and nasty all they want because no one will know who they are.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth... nice!

Hey, here's an idea... open up your own blog and make your own posts about issues that are important or interesting to you! Then find other blogs you like and those you don't agree with and make comments while you're LOGGED IN. That way people know who you are and they can reasonably respond.

If you had comments to make to my face, would you hide behind a paper bag? I think not. You would say nothing... or you would find a way to have a civil conversation... or you would be a rude jackass. The big difference is that I would know who you are and you would be responsible for your words... good, bad or ugly (thank you Clint Eastwood!!)

Avoidance is wonderful, isn't it. Just say what you want and don't take the credit or the blame... that sounds much like our government.


Deb said...

So true - much easier to hide behind a wall than to admit and OWN the words we speak. people must take ownership of their words and actions - instead of hiding behind the name "anonymous".

Bug said...

I can hardly imagine what it's like for teenagers now... we never had the Internet to smear the people we didn't like in school; we just had the whisper sessions. Now... hell, you can smear someone and people will know about it across the country and beyond.

Oh the days of life without Internet... how did we ever survive?

RK said...

To be honest, the same people in high school who would start vicious rumors are the same people who in turn antagonize anonymously. There's an air to cowardice about them that goes beyond the common denominator.

I few years ago I had the oppertunity to meet an anonymous detractor of mine. I got within inches of their face and told them that they had greatly offended me and that it was a debt of honor that had to be settled by a duel and that I would accept nothing less than blood to settle this debt. Man, you should have seen them run to their Prius. I've never seen a fake car acelerate so fast...

david drake said...

Great post, Bug. I pretty much run things the same way. Once in a while I will publish a particular Anony comment just to open him/her/it up to ridicule and belittling because they've written something so absurdly stupid, non-factual, emotive-based, hateful, smear-merchanting, etc, it just begs to be published and ridiculed. Other than that, yeah, I fully agree if they feel so strongly nothing is preventing them from starting their own blog and having their rebuttals.

Never feed the Anonymous Trolls, never. Unless the rule applies where they've written something so hateful and/or asinine he/she/it deserves to be openly humilitated. heh.

Bug said...

There is a way of preventing anonymous posts... but I agree that there are times when people make real fools of themselves and letting them do it can be tons of fun!

JMK said...

Sorry to hear about your trolls.

But, yes, anonymity does bring out the worst in some people. It's a fair policy to deny all such posts.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~