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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Idiots Keeping Racism Alive and Well

Why do people enjoy keeping racism alive? Is it just for the satisfaction of beating their chest and saying "see... I am a good person because I am fighting against racism"? It sure seems so these days.

Individuals can even find racism in a child's toy... but only if that racism is directed at a particular portion of our citizens.

For instance...

Costco Pulls Doll (8/27/09)
Costco Wholesale Corp. on Thursday apologized to any of its customers who may have been offended by a doll the company pulled from its stores after a complaint about possible racist connotations.

The doll wore a headband that said "Lil' Monkey" and was cuddling with a stuffed monkey. The "Cuddle with Me, Doll with Plush Monkey" doll came in Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic representations.

But shortly after the toys were put up for sale in late July, Costco received a complaint from a customer in North Carolina concerning the version of the doll that showed an African-American baby with the monkey.

It's dumb because all of the dolls of each of the represented cultures have the same outfit, animal and headband. It wasn't as if this company pinpointed just the African-American doll.

I would like to point out the following website called bushorchimp where it posts pictures of George W Bush and monkeys (aka chimps) in various posses trying to point out the similarities. No one went crazy with this website... no one stated that we were some how racist or disrespectful to a President of our country by saying he looks like a monkey. What would happen if they made a similar website called obamaorchimp? I'll tell you what SHOULD happen... exactly the same thing that has happened with this previous website... NOTHING. People need to stop assuming everything is about race... stop keeping people in chains!!

Here is a photo of the other line of dolls. This line is apparently fine and doesn't depict some terrible racist comment.

So... what about all of the little girls who have the doll already? Someone had to purchase it for them. Someone, somewhere is either unaware that this is a problem or is actually **GASP** trying to overcome past racial slurs and move forward. And what about all the others who refuse to buy it... what are they telling their daughters? Are they telling them exactly why they can't have the doll?

Why not just let the child be a child and stop worrying about stupid crap like this? Don't limit a child's imagination in some effort to keep her a a level she need not be... let her grow and overcome and move on and live in a society that doesn't even know what the hell this post is about.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop Campaigning Obama: Same Speech, Different Subject

Most presidents stop campaigning after being elected. They pick it up again the closer they get to reelection and then let it go again once that is accomplished.

Barack Obama continues to campaign to this day.

Watch him... listen to him... see and hear what he's actually saying and how he's saying it. Can he not just speak without sounding like he's talking down to everyone around him? Can he not speak without sounding like the SAME recording over and over again? He uses the same speech just with different words for whatever new program or vision he's pushing on us today?

STOP CAMPAIGNING OBAMA... you won the election, right? So why do you continually make these campaign-like speeches? Well, it's probably because now you have to convince all of us that you can do all those spectacular things you promised even though many of us don't want those promises because the price tag is too high.

I hear what you're saying, Obama. "You, the average American, don't know what's best for you so I, Obama, will make those choices for you. All I ask for in return is anything I want sometime in the near future when you will be so far in the hole of government control that I have dug that you will have to buy the only ladder available... the one in my house".

Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama's Arrogance and Uncaring Nature Shows Front and Center

(President Barack Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sergeant James Crowley walk from the Oval Office to the Rose Garden of the White House, July 30, 2009. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The history of these three men is not so evident in this picture. Based on what we see above it seems that Crowley and Gates are friends and Crowley cares very much for Gates as an individual while Obama just leads the way figuring its beneath him to help. And yet, the history books show that Gates accused Crowley of being a racist and has never apologized (as far as we the public know)... and apparently Gates and Obama are friends?

I'm not seeing it...

Visit the American Thinker for more of the quote below:
I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is most revealing. Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious?

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~