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Saturday, May 30, 2009

There really hasn't been much to laugh about lately, Obama.

As a matter of fact, it's been downright depressing watching the bailouts fail while we, the little guy, must eventually pay for that failure. It's foolish to spend more money in order to save money... at least that's true to this huge degree.

Perhaps you are putting some business class you had in college to use here with the thinking that in order to make money, one must spend money. Ya... that's for starting up a business or increasing it's size, etc. The same concept can not be used for large countries in debt so far up to they eyebrows that spending more merely sinks us and causes us to become the "country that used to be great".

Do we really think it's too far fetched that Mr. BO may be in fact changing our country so dramatically that we are forced to become Socialists? Not really... all we have to do is look at his voting history, political career before 2009 and the decisions he is now making as our President; not to mention the people he bows down to.

None of our soldiers should ever feel that coming home is scary. Each of them should be welcomed home as a hero in their home state and their home town. They should long for the day to be in the arms of their loved ones not worried that they may never speak to them again. My son will be one of these brave soldiers and he will always be welcome in my home! And every soldier I see receives my gratitude.

Or perhaps the 70's really were good when Carter was in the Oval Office.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Headlines That Caught My Eye

I've been pretty discouraged lately with all the garbage floating around out there in our American air (and I'm not talking about swine flu, bird flu or even the deadliest... donkey flu).

There comes a point when I have to focus on what's directly in front of me... my family. I must take care of them even when the country seems to be falling apart. Imagine the helplessness people must have felt in the past when there was no such thing as the Internet (a place where we can post our opinions about what's going on when the "real" media only reports what they want us to know). It makes me wonder truly how much in the past either was exaggerated or buried. I just wonder...

So here is a very long list of links to posts I have been saving to draft in order to make comments later. Well, I don't think I'll get to them fast enough before the news they bare is so old that cobwebs have formed around them. I have always tried to focus my posts on what matters most to me or strikes me as important to speak out against or speak out in favor of whatever the issue may be. Lately, there is so much going on that there is no way for me to keep up. I have often wondered how other bloggers can keep up with events until it dawned on me that some blogs have more than one person making all those dozens of posts in one day... duh.

To those blogs who actually only have one author... I commend you on being able to keep up. All of the events are mind boggling and I do wonder if it is the purpose of this new administration to do so much, so quickly, that there is no way for Americans to keep up and hold them accountable for their actions. If they keep their hands moving in spastic motion, maybe we won't notice that each of them actually have three hands and the third is pushing the truth cautiously to the floor and burying it under the carpet.


May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~