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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama HOPES to CHANGE America

Ah, yes... I love this reference to Khan, a man who felt he was better than everyone else and let his own arrogance defeat him. Obama is so arrogant and so focused on saving only those parts of our society (and the rest of the world) that will make him a legend (mostly, in his own mind).

There are so many things to write about... so many drafts sitting in my "new posts" list. It's overwhelming at times. I try to pick out only those things that mean the most to me but lately so much seems to hit home that I'm left feeling hopeless at the future outcome.

... and here we were told HOPE and CHANGE was his main mantra. Perhaps what that really means is that he hopes we all stay beneath him and that he can change America to keep him in power far longer than he should be.

Power is fleeting... and he hopes to change that.


Elm said...

His hope and change were way too mysterious. Change America to what? Hope America does what? Personally I love America the way it used to be. The way you read about in the history books (the correct history books).

I HOPE he fails and that we CHANGE America back to what it should be.

Bungalow Bill said...

Nice comparison! Khan is a perfect comparison to Obama.

Bug said...

I agree... I don't want my country to change the way he wants it to change. The only purpose of changing it is to give him more power.

I also hope he fails and we can get America back on track again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mr. Obama has already changed America. More Americans are identified with the Democratic/Liberal Party and registered as Independents than with conservative/Republican Party.

That's a fact.

Your party has shrunk and if YOU guys don't change, you'll forever be irrelevant.

When you see traditionally "red" states like Indiana, Virginia, Nevada go for Obama and not the Republican candidate, you know something HUGE has happened.

Also, the heartland of American, Iowa, passes a liberal agenda issue and allows gay marriage.

Don't you see the change?

Hope is here.

And you wish to revert to the "old America?" Which one was that?

The America of the 1950s?

Bug said...

Thank you Shaw for your comments.

First of all... I have never once said I was Republican; that is an assumption on your part. Second of all, I am definitely more conservative than liberal (obviously), but I would never flat out say I AM conservative on every subject brought up. I can see why you would think that just as I think you are a liberal democrat.

Reverting to any past time is not an option but going into a future where your money is considered my money if I need it is not somewhere I ever want to be. You and I are American citizens but we are not responsible for each other's lives when it comes to how we choose to live them. There is no possible way that our taxes won't be raised after all the spending being done right now that is compounded with all the spending done during Bush's administration. We have spent too much money as a nation.

If I must, I will fight for my liberties and I will fight for yours. You bring up gay marriage as if it is something I am against it. I am neither for nor against it... what I'm against is the way radicals begin to lash out at other citizens who do not agree with them. It is your right to be for it just as much as it is your neighbor's right to be against it. But neither of you have the right to lash out and harm the other physically or in any other manner. It is those people who DO lash out that I am against.

The last thing I have to say is that it is the height of arrogance for anyone to assume that others need to conform to their way of thinking simply because they assume they are right and the other person is wrong. I would not want you to change to my way of thinking just because I think I’m right; only you can make that change (and it doesn’t seem that you will do that… but this is America and it’s still free).

Thank you for listing my site in your side bar. :o)

Clifton B said...

Hello Bug;

1. Kickin' comic strip, where did you find it?
2. Good answer to Mr. Kenawe, so many of these Obama supporters have this false notion that because they won, the world must capitulate to their way of thinking. Sorry but that's never going to happen in America.
3. Obama never defined Hope or Change, rather he left it up to each individual to make that definition. Sadly, the Fourth Estate abandoned the job of getting a true answer out of him.

The Pajama Underground said...

Great post- love the cartoon (and thanks for the link).

I think you've touched on a great point regarding the Obamessiah's arrogance. While his undeniable self-confidence was obviously a key to his victory, I feel that the keys to his downfall are already percolating with his titanic ego, because that is where his weakness as a politician lies...

Arc said...

Shaw Kenawe I really must point out the hypocrisy here, when "My side" won (and defining Bush as a conservative is a stretch) You spent 8 years deriding and ridiculing him his staff and anyone who did not denounce him.

And when "we" called you on it we were told it was a joke and that we should get a sense of humor.

So... welcome to the other side, it's your turn now. The man's got an ego. In fact his ego may be the biggest part of him, he is arrogant and uppity, and I for one will not just shut up because acorn helped him steal an election, and he is a president and as such will have to take the "slings and arrows" that come with that job.

David Drake said...

Additional note to Shaw:

"Criticizing America and it's president is Patriotic." We (Conservatives) learned this from listening to Liberals during the 8 Bush years. We're just being Patriotic. I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that you fail to understand this.

We're just being Patriots.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~