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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Drink the ISM!!

I found this video over at Sword at the Ready today...

It's amazing, isn't it, how if we just don't talk about what could happen if we give up our freedoms, people accept it as okay to do. Sorry, but I'm not willing to sell my freedoms... no matter what promises they whisper in my ear!!

Freedom and Liberty are not bargaining tools!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Boise Tea Party... Reverent, Peaceful, Calm. But leave it to Janeane Garofalo & CNN's Susan Roesgen to keep us divided (updated)

Boise's Tea Party began at the Ann Morrison Park where a few hundred met to sing the National Anthem, listen to a handful of speakers (including Ben Franklin), pray and march to the next destination.

As the participants marched from one location to the next, a large copy of the Declaration of Independence was on display. Under the display was a paper, rolled up on both ends for expansion, where each person could sign his or her own name to state that they too would put their John Hancock down to state their belief in the document.

Upon leaving Ann Morrison, people wondered how many others would show up. The path led through a wooded area and under the main road into the city. As they popped up around the bend, they could see another crowd already gathered at Julia Davis Park (see above). Adding to this group, their numbers increase.

More and more signs began to crop up above the crowd. Some with in depth messages and some with simple words that meant far more than could be expressed.

The march from Julia Davis Park was straight on to the capitol building. Because it was under construction, people could not get closer than the park which sits in front of the building. The street was blocked off as the people marched towards their destination. It was obvious that the numbers were increasing and it was hard to fathom just how many people were there while participating as part of the crowd.

Arriving at the capitol building, people were surrounded by signs and others with like minded objections and a look of helplessness which seemed to slowly fade away as it became clear that they were not alone.


People gathered together in the park and began singing patriotic songs as they waited for the sound system to be set up for the next small wave of speakers. They did not sing loudly... but reverently and almost with a hint of remorse as they worried where their country may be heading. Final total of those attending... 2,500+!!.

Perhaps politicians truly ARE alien invaders?

As the day progressed and the fellowship of the citizens was felt, a sense of self prophecy lingered in the air. Each person could continue with their lives as it was before this day or they could make this day the first day of a better tomorrow. Not an "easy" tomorrow... no... it will be a struggle.

Fun thing to mention: An entire pig was cooked at the park in front of the capitol building as a symbol of TOO MUCH PORK being spent by our government.

How do I know these things? Because I was there.

I took the day off from work (that's right, I used one of my valued vacation days and exercised my freedom of speech rights) and I marched with my family.

We are not racists Janeane... nor are we rednecks and we don't have something wrong with our brains.

We are not radicals Susan... nor did we do anything that would not be considered "family viewing".

We are Americans concerned about the way our government is spending our future into the toilet and by the lack of realism coming from our political leaders. I won't get into all of the other things they are doing... but lets just say that when I see a sign that says "we surround them", I am inspired to remember that THEY WORK FOR US... and it's about time that some of them get fired.

LINK: Obnoxious CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen: Bush Fascist-- OK... Obama Fascist-- "Offensive!" (Video)

Gutter Journalism: Angry Mainstream Media Reporters Use Nasty Sexual Slang to Describe Tea Party Protesters (Video)

BUG: Janeane Garofalo believes anyone who attended a tea party is a redneck racist and those on the right... well, they aren't in their right mind.


There were several different news casts regarding the Boise tea party but this one seems to be the most comprehensive and contains the best description of the "reason" for the event. By the way... I am actually in this video. :o)

Janeane Garofalo believes anyone who attended a tea party is a redneck racist and those on the right... well, they aren't in their right mind.

I am disgusted at what Janeane Garofalo said about those who attended the tea parties across the nation. There was not joking in her voice... not kidding around. Even when Keith was giggling a little at some of her remarks he was met with the most serious of faces. Olbermann did nothing to contradict what she was saying... he did not argue... he did not disagree.

And the insults she handed out to those who are republican, conservative or on the right were outrageous. She generalized everyone who isn't what she is. It's sickening for anyone to point their finger at one group and say they are all racist or any other number of evil things. I am not racist... I could care less what you look like in any way. It's people like Janeane who gives racism life and keeps it breathing loud and strong.

Thanks Janeane for keeping America divided!!

Lovely, isn't she?

As always... some good points made by HowTheWorldWorks.

Gateway Pundit: Kook Actress Garofalo: Tea Parties Were About Hating the Black Man

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Obama HOPES to CHANGE America

Ah, yes... I love this reference to Khan, a man who felt he was better than everyone else and let his own arrogance defeat him. Obama is so arrogant and so focused on saving only those parts of our society (and the rest of the world) that will make him a legend (mostly, in his own mind).

There are so many things to write about... so many drafts sitting in my "new posts" list. It's overwhelming at times. I try to pick out only those things that mean the most to me but lately so much seems to hit home that I'm left feeling hopeless at the future outcome.

... and here we were told HOPE and CHANGE was his main mantra. Perhaps what that really means is that he hopes we all stay beneath him and that he can change America to keep him in power far longer than he should be.

Power is fleeting... and he hopes to change that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Are We Fighting For - Tea party

I am attending the TEA PARTY in my area on April 15th to protest the government's destructive spending of my future grandchildren and their grandchildren's livelihood.

I am pushing the pitchfork (figuratively) into the air to tell our government that I am against big government and in favor of them getting off my back. We need to be free of oppression and left alone to live our lives with Liberty and Freedom.

Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock? Check out Michelle's site for some neat links for then.

So what are we fighting for? As Arc was mentioning to me earlier today, so many people know what they "don't" want but really have no clue what they "do" want.

When I sat down to think about it myself, I wondered what I really wanted. I suppose one of the reasons it's hard to determine what I want is because I didn't really think there was a lot wrong with what I already had in regards to fredoms and liberties.

I believe that I am in charge of making my life what it is and it's up to me to succeed or fail.

One of the scary things to think about is wondering how many different laws and practices have been put into our system that you and I don't know anything about; how many just happened while we were sleeping. We vote individuals into office to represent us but unless we're watching them like hawks, we really don't know if they are doing their job.

So what I want is to know that politicians are not sitting in Washington DC destroying my future with the sweep of a pen. I want to be reassured that they aren't making justifications for taking away my freedoms and my liberties.

Let the people be!

And here's a little humor to brighten your day...

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~