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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Combat Injuries... You Get Em... You Pay For Em

Obama To Combat Vets: Pay for your own treatment.

I read this on David's site and was immediately irritated and angry. How can we justify paying for illegal immigrants and their ailments and yet we're actually "considering" not paying for health care for our military for injuries obtained while defending our country and keeping Americans free? How can this even be whispered as a possibility?

We owe it to those who have defended our freedoms and our liberties to help them when they are hurt during those times of sacrifice. It's appalling to me to think our politicians are so low that they would write these people off in such a manner. Appalled, but not surprised.

My son has joined the armed forces to defend this country and it's citizens. From the sounds of it, there are people who want to thank him and others by making them pay for their combat injuries. What will we make illegal immigrants pay for... anything? It's disgusting!

I wonder... is this just another way of getting Americans to STOP volunteering for service? I'm just say'n.

Vets attack Obama health proposal

“When our troops are injured while serving our country, we should take care of those injuries completely,” Murray, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, told a hearing last week. “I don’t think we should nickel-and-dime them for their care.”


“When a man goes and defends his country and gets injured, and then they want your insurance to pay, that’s wrong,” said David Gerke, 60, a Vietnam War veteran and retired postal worker from Kansas City. “When we went into the service, we were told our medical needs…would be taken care of for the rest of our lives.”

Veterans say that the costs of treating expensive war injuries could raise their insurance costs, as well as those for their employers. Some worried that it also could make it more difficult for disabled veterans to find work.


It’s a betrayal,” said Joe Violante, legislative director of Disabled American Veterans, which signed the letter to Obama. “My insurance company didn’t send me to Vietnam. My government did. The same holds true for men and women now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the government’s responsibility.”

Gerke was a 20-year petty officer in the Navy in the Vietnam War. He helped load Sidewinder missiles and 500-pound bombs onto F-18s.

He came home with a bad back and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other injuries. But the government honored its pledge and has paid for his health care.

Now he’s worried, especially for the injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Let’s face it. (The VA) needs the money,” Gerke said. “But why should disabled vets be paying that price?”

Link: Obama Administration: We Love the Troops so MUCH We’re Gonna Make’m Pay for Their Own Healthcare Costs...


Shaw Kenawe said...

You're a bit late on this.

The idea has been canned. Done. Not going to happen.

Bug said...

I don't really think I'm late since it just happened on Monday.

And even if I were late... does the passing of time mean I can not discuss an issue or point out what happened previously? Since it happened days (or even months or years) before I mentioned it, does that mean I can not voice my concern?

If it has indeed been "canned" as you say... I'm glad. But since nothing is ever cut and dry, it could come up again.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you visited.

David Drake said...

Thanks for the mention, Bug.

Shaw, nothing is ever out of consideration or permanently canned with Obama. Look at gun control. He said the last thing he wanted to do was take away gun ownership from those who have no criminal record and are legally able to purchase and own them. Obama and AG Holder moved to take guns away from airline pilots by taking away funding. Nothing is ever canned by Pbama. Nothing.

JMK said...

"How can we justify paying for illegal immigrants and their ailments and yet we're actually "considering" not paying for health care for our military for injuries obtained while defending our country and keeping Americans free?" (Bug)

Well, if you hate America enough and see the U.S. as "A racist, sexist, homophobic, imperial power," it's easy to rationalize such madness.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~