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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy Pelosi states we could lose 500 million jobs each month. Too bad there are only 300 million in America | SHE MAKES THIS STATEMENT TWICE

Here is the first instance of Nancy Pelosi's GAFFE on the fact we somehow have enough people living in America that we could potentially lose 500 million jobs PER MONTH. There are just over 300 million people living here; perhaps she was looking into the future some 300 years or so?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, I believe that - I know that President-elect Obama is a strong supporter of America's workers. I myself am a strong supporter of that legislation. We passed it with a strong vote in the House in the last Congress, and I continue to be supportive of it.

But in terms of what we have to do in the first 100 days, we must address the needs of this country. Five hundred million people will lose their jobs each month until we have an economic package.


PELOSI: What did I say, million?

WALLACE: Yes, 500 million. That would really be a recession.

PELOSI: Oh, no. Excuse me. Thank you for correcting me.


PELOSI: It feels like 500 million. Five hundred thousand Americans will lose their jobs each month until we have a recovery package.

LINK: Will Media Report Pelosi GAFFE??

And here is the SECOND instance wherein Nancy Pelosi makes the same claim!!

Some things to consider.

  • During my search for news reports on Pelosi's mistake... I did not find any of the usual media sources who would have torn President Bush apart for making such a mistake. Nothing from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc. I couldn't find it... can you? (if you do, please share)

  • The first time she made this mistake, it was forgivable because we all do make mistakes and it can be especially nerve racking to stand before the public and make statements. No big deal... live and learn and move on.

  • The second time she made this mistake or gaffe or whatever you want to call it... it was no longer even remotely in the same ball park as the original time. At this point either she is a complete idiot who is irresponsible and unreliable or she is trying to cause panic assuming that the media will back her up no matter what she says.

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