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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is your life worth $2,497,651,200?

I was watching a show last night and one of the characters mentioned that a person's heart beats 2.5 billion times during the average life span. That got me thinking, which caused me to break out the old calculator.

The average human heart beats 72 times per minute, 4,320 per hour, 103,680 per day and 37,843,200 per year.

If a person lives to 66 years of age, that would be 2,497,651,200 beats (about 2.5 billion times).

It would take 315 people living to 66 years of age to equal 786,760,128,000 beats… or… 20,790 years for one person to get to that same total.

Almost the same total as the new stimulus package of $787,000,000,000 signed into law on 2/17/09 by Barack Obama.

Think about it… if each heart beat equaled just $1 then it would take you 20,790 years to pay off this ONE debt.

Based on these facts, if you live to 66 years of age, does that mean you are worth $2,497,651,200?

Putting a total on a person’s life is much like putting a total on the value of freedom. The people who put this catastrophe into motion have placed a price tag on the shiny new socialist choker chain made especially for your neck. Want it or not, it's yours to purchase... and theirs to tighten.

Don’t you think your freedom is worth more?


The Right Guy said...

Paying for this bailout and others is not the price of freedom, but the price of an indentured servitude from which we will never be released. The terms of which are for the "greater good" and the "collective". I am beginning to think that this indentured servitude promulgated by BHO is more of a punishment to the producers than it is a reward to what has been described at best as second handers, or in reality, people that do not earn their way. In some way this is more of a pay back than you realize.

Steven M Nielson said...

Excellent analogy! and the "Right Guy" does a good job in clarifying your statement... this is not the cost of freedom, but the cost of indentured servitude...

My favorite line of my second favorite movie - Kevin Costner's Postman...though the line is a hashed Shakespear, the intent is the same:
"Blow wind, come wrath, at least we'll die with the harness off our back"

Of course the real line is "harness on our back", which means in full armor - signifying a death in a battle - in this case, against an invading army... hmmm... what if the government is that invading army?

No harness on my back!

Keeping my powder dry!


Arc said...

I believe that what Bug is saying is that this is what we've sold our freedom for, not to rehash the right guy's statement, just want to make sure any others are clear on it.

The Right Guy said...

We didn't sell our freedom, the jerks in DC did, and it's a price they'll never have to pay.

Bug said...

Steve... yes, it's true... I would rather die free and fighting for my freedom than chained to a government who cares nothing for me.

Bug said...

Right Guy... Perhaps you and I have not sold our freedom, but many Americans have... and for what... for a false sense of security and the promise of FREE stuff.

So in a sense, we have sold our freedom. I use the word "we" as a generalization of everyone in America who has the ability and the right to vote, but chooses not to participate. We have allowed the ruthless, the stupid, the devious, the greedy, and the tricksters to overtake our government. They call themselves politicians but we know them as sewer rats.

The main point of my post was to show that this stimulus bill has been made into something more important than your life or mine; it has been made into our ONLY choice (which it is not).

But at what cost? At the cost of our freedom.

And I agree completely that the politicians sold us out… they put us on the block and had an auction to the one who could come up with the most devious plan. And they will not have to pay this debt back because they are leaving it for us, the peasants, and all those who have not yet been born.

If each of my heart beats is worth $1 and I live to be 66 years old, then IS my life really worth $2,497,651,200? Of course not… each life is priceless and no dollar amount can be placed upon it. But by the standards of the government, I am worth a certain amount of money and no more; and believe me, that amount is nowhere near $2 billion. But if it were, it would take me over 20,000 years to pay off this one tremendous debt that Obama has created… a debt that is NOT MINE, thank you very much Mr. BO.

They have created a choker chain for my neck in hopes of putting me into chains and creating great restrictions to my freedoms in an attempt to prevent me from achieving more than someone else (for we all must be uniquely un-special). And if I resist and pull away, that choker chain will constrict around my neck until I relax and let them do what they will.

It is an analogy to show that if we sell our freedom for $1 or if we sell it for $787 billion, all we will get in return is a bucket full of crap. We end up with less than if we just stood up and did as Mrs. Reagan once said: JUST SAY NO!

NO, Mr. Obama… you may not take away my freedoms... any of them!! You are a Hitler disguised as a savior who hasn’t done anything but write his own biographical history book before doing a damn thing.

I get a little worked up. :o)

The Right Guy said...

People that voted for Obama use irrational self-interest. They perceive a problem, and run around like Henny Penny looking for an immediate fix. It's quite puerile. The lazy and feckless have saddled us all in indentured servitude. How shall we show our thanks? :)

Arc said...

Pitchforks and torches?

The Right Guy said...

By any means necessary.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~