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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Inauguration Balls as Compared to the People of Moses and Their Idol Gods: Obamorgy!!

Last night’s inauguration balls reminded me of the story of Moses and what happened when he left his people to wait for him in reverence while he went to obtain the Ten Commandments.

He turned his back for a short time and they built idols to false gods, made sacrificial offerings and self serving demands and… they became greedy for every known lust and desire.

The comparison is blindingly obvious... and I am not talking about how much money was spent (the stats on that are still up for debate). I'm talking about the idol worshippers flopping around on stages and dance floors. The Inaugural Balls have been a long tradition where the president and first lady dance and supporters celebrate... it's a party. What it isn't supposed to be is an orgy; or shall we call it a BO-orgy. Maybe an Oborgy... Obamorgy? Ya... that's it... Obamorgy!

Barack Hussein Obama is not a god nor is he the second coming of Christ. He is a man who wants to place his mark in the history books as many times as possible. What that mark is, we shall soon find out. The sickening display of worship shown on television last night was the same thing the sinners did as they waited for Moses to return. They did not want to be good… they did not want to do the right things; they wanted the complete and disgusting ability to do anything they desired no matter what the consequence. Even if that meant sacrificing innocent lives to false gods in order to have wealth and bodily pleasures. The main difference between then and now is that the people we witnessed last night were not punished for their actions nor did they feel in the least bit embarrassed or ashamed. It’s their right to tear down the moral fiber of America, right?

I wonder if that is what other countries see when they look at the United States. Do they think all Americans are like the ugly displays on television and the Internet? Do they look at Hollywood and think we’re all drunken bastards or crack-smoking whores? If that is where they look… no wonder their hatred runs deep.

Who can we blame for the picture other countries see when they look at America? We can SAFELY blame the elite Liberal Hollywood crowd and the backstabbing self-interest politicians and the ignorant citizens who hope to catch a little fame by sacrificing a friend or neighbor… and, let us not forget, the liberal media who loves them all.

America IS a great country and that greatness is entirely made up of the normal, average every-day citizen who cares for his or her family, friends, neighbors, the land we live upon and the freedoms we cherish. Unfortunately, those freedoms have been taken advantage of by political desires, sue-happy gold diggers, fame mongers and the greedy men and women who want everyone else to give rather than giving themselves.

We need to show the world the pictures we hold dear to our hearts of the REAL America. We need to turn their eyes away from our liberal entertainers… away from the selfish people found in our political and legal system. We need to take their attention away from the fame-hungry citizens who think being outrageous and loud will get them noticed by their idols.

We need to show this world that the America I am proud of is full of normal… very normal… regular people who work hard, sacrifice much, love their family, care for the sick and elderly, worry about losing their jobs, live in small houses and drive dented cars. They need to see that not all of us get to live in mansions and wear clothing twice before throwing them out. Oh, don’t get me wrong… I hope to make enough money to be able to give freely to charities, to live in a bigger house some day and not have to worry about finances… but that doesn’t make me a bad person; it means I have goals for my life and the freedom to accomplish them… or fail trying.

The subject of Pride

We are a nation of greatness. Some would say that means we are a nation of pride. I am proud of my country, truth be told, and I wouldn’t trade it to live anywhere else. I am not proud of some of our politicians, entertainers, journalists, etc. To me they are not true Americans… they are trying to tear this country down into their own molded, socialistic pile of greed producing, false charity, welfare induced empire. I am not proud of them.

I have taught my son that there is nothing wrong with being proud of your own accomplishments so long as you are good to others in the process. I am proud of him, for he has learned this lesson well.

After all that mention of being proud of my son and proud of my country (although, not all who live here), it indeed sounds like pride is a great factor in American life.

That is not a true assessment.

Although many Americans are proud of this country… most of us have it well balanced with humility; and not the false humility we see from the Hollywood and political elitists. Either you know how to be proud and humble or you don’t… it isn’t always easy to balance the two. Too much humility is a joke… too much pride is disgusting.

Pride is very much a part of human nature and it is not owned by any one nation. People from other countries have pride in their own lands and to say only Americans have it is a lie. How one deals with the feeling of pride is the true test… it is much like honesty, compassion and hypocrisy. At one point or another we all feel compassion for someone else or just don’t care, we all live a little of the “do as I say, not as I do” motto and we all have moments of truth and falsehoods. For anyone to say otherwise, would be ignorance or stupidity.


david drake said...

Pbama's arrogance knows no limits. It will be his undoing. Like I wrote the other day at my place (not plugging myself here, mind you - I always try to refrain from that kind of self-promo) he is Slicker than Bubba could ever have hoped to be. Slick Barry will be undone by his arrogance.

Bug said...

I don't like to listen to him speak because it always sounds like he's talking down to me... like I'm a stupid little child who doesn't even know how to wipe her own ass.

Somehow... I don't much appreciate that. :)

Just Ed said...

It's refreshing in a real sort of way to find a like-minded American with (un)common sense and the ability to see it like it is, tell it like it is and who knows enough to sound the alarm when we're heading in the wrong direction. If you were Rush, I'd give you "dittos"! But in lieu of that, I'll just render a patriotic salute and a fervent prayer that we all come out of this thing alive.

David Drake said...

it always sounds like he's talking down to me...

Exactly. He is so condescending it makes my acid reflux reflux! ;-)

Bug said...

Ed... thank you for the compliment and for posting a comment.

It seems the more I let "reason" flow while I'm listening to the garbage out there and reading the ignorance on-line; the more obivious things become to me. It's amazing how stupid people are.

Bug said...

David... try to keep yourself from losing your lunch; it may come in handly later on.

(I have no idea what that means, but I'm sure there's some hidden meaning)

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~