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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gas Prices on the Rise

And the prices start to rise...

They were down to $1.45 here and have been slowly creeping back up. But it's still only about $1.68 so I suppose we shouldn't complain, eh?

It isn't something BO will need to deal with right out of the starting block because Americans were WILLING to pay more than $4.00 a gallon back in October 2008. So he should have PLENTY of time to wait before he MUST deal with oil and drilling and making sure his FOLLOWERS don't have to pay for gas.

That is what he said, right? I won't have to pay for my mortgage or gas for my car any more. I'm FREE!! Oh wait... I'm not on the Obama Special Person List.

Unfortunately, gas prices will continue to rise and they will eventually get so high that we will wish they were only $4.00 a gallon.

Big question... how many idiots do you think are out there right now trying to stock pile gas? I foresee explosions in their near future. Yes... people truly are THAT stupid.

It seems awfully coincidental that the prices fell so dramatically just a short time before the election took place... and now they're conveniently out of the news and off the "need to deal with it now" list that Obama carries around so snugly in his BlackBerry; the BlackBerry he was told he couldn't keep but that he refuses to give up.

Obama has his spoiled brat moments, that's for sure.

Note: I never want to hear anyone say to me again that once gas prices hit a certain amount, they will never go back down to past dollar amounts because Americans get used to them. That "fact" was been proved false just a few months ago. Prices are not set in stone and they will fluctuate depending upon factors the average person can not control. It's insane how high it reached and then how low it fell. People are what make certain things worth certain amounts... we dictate value entirely. Oil is worth what it is because we say it is... nothing more.

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