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Monday, January 19, 2009

FAIL: The New "F" Word / HYPOCRISY: The Liberal Media's Motto

I had an email conversation yesterday regarding Rush Limbaugh's statement wherein he says he only needs four words regarding Obama's presidency... "I hope he fails".

What gets the Liberals in an uproar about this statement is... how on Earth can anyone feel such animosity towards another person. Why would anyone hope another person fails? I don't truly know how Rush feels... but I agree with the statement.

I hope the Liberal Socialistic mentality of the Left and the direction they are leading our country will fail. I hope it fails but I also hope THAT failure doesn't pull our country down into a pit we can not crawl back out of; into a hell of socialism and communism and the loss of freedom.

I don’t want Obama as "the person" to fail… I don’t like to see people fail (although failure is often a very large lesson to future success). What I want to fail is the big government that he represents. It isn’t “him” so much as it’s the “idea” he represents. I don’t have anything against him personally… at least, not yet; who knows what he’ll do to change that assessment. It probably wouldn’t take too terribly much because as it stands… I think some of his personal beliefs are far out and not even close to mine.

Part of the way the left “wins” people over is through guilt. We are made to feel guilty about the environment (even if we do our part); we are made to feel guilty about racism (even if we don’t care about the color of skin); we are made to feel guilty due to poverty (even if we give to charities)… and any number of guilt-driven ideals that keep “bad” Americans in check even if they are better than those preaching (such as Al Gore, Pelosi, Jackson, etc.).

I don’t give thousands of dollars to charities because I don’t have thousands of dollars to give… but I would gladly help my friends, family and neighbors if and when I can and in the way that I can. Thing is… I wouldn’t give and then go on television and interview about how wonderful I am; my charity or lack thereof is my business.

Liberals want to force charity on people and MAKE them give because they don’t want to do it themselves.

This all leads to the main topic of this post: Hypocrisy is an ugly, old wet, mildewing rag that’s been sitting around under a leaky faucet for a couple of months.

Hypocrisy is by far the driving force of my anger this past election year and even the past 8+ years. I've watched how the media raised Clinton up on a pedestal even when he was lying under oath and after all the other devious and questionable things he did. I watched how they used a pick axe to drive George Bush into the ground and blame everything, even hurricanes, on a man who could apparently do no right in their eyes.

And now I watch as the media ascends into the heavens as they elate with magnificent joy and lust, taking Obama above mortal humans and into the presence of the gods.

Obama is doomed... and yet... even when he fails and falls flat on his face, the media will forgive him and say it's because he was pressured beyond the ability of a black man to handle. Oh yes... they will make race the main reason for any faults he has. They won't say it's BECAUSE he's black... they will say that others wouldn't give him a fair chance because he's black and therefore he couldn't overcome that one thing he can't change; the color of his skin.

I've been taught and I've taught my children that all humans are equal. We are not necessarily equal in all areas of life as that would just be weird... we're by the very nature of humanity, different. Ultimately, however, we are the same. This weak shell we call skin isn't what makes us who we are. The fact I don't look exactly like everyone else doesn't mean I am less smart or incapable of doing great things. My mind and my physical abilities is what makes things possible or impossible for me. The color of my skin or the imperfections of my looks means NOTHING.

I’ve taught my kids that if the person who calls himself your friend truly isn’t your friend… go find another. Stand up for what you believe in. It can be harder to do than to say. It can be hard to stand up for what you believe in when others talk the big talk with smooth tongues and convince you that blue is yellow and the sun is actually the moon. The good thing is… they can’t pull off their magician tricks as easily as they used to based on our sources of information (Internet, etc). The bad thing is… they can change history easily enough with the use of the those same inventions.

I knew more and heard more and read more this election than ever before... partly because of my interest, but mostly because of our ability to search out and find out for ourselves.

Obama... as the man... I wish you well and good luck. I hope you see the light and change your ways to bring about a better America; a better capitalist America. Socialism be damned.

Obama... the big government... I hope you fail and fail fast. I hope socialism falls as fast as you and Americans finally say "enough is enough" and teach the liberals that they can't have everything their way. We are a nation of freedom... not restrictions to enhance the lives of those who don't really give a damn about me... about you... or about anyone on this planet other than their own self interests.


David Drake said...

Ya know, Bug, I want Pbama's policies and his Administration to fail. If he and his Admin fail, then America succeeds; eventually, like the post-Jimmy Carter presidency. Had Carter succeeded and Reagan not followed, who knows what mortgage rates and energy costs we'd be paying today. Let alone being ruled by Sharia Law.

I want Obama to fail. If he succeeds, then it means Capitalism, The Free Market, Freedom and our nation fails. That's how I see it. I base this on his own words to Joe The Plumber when he said he wants to redistribute wealth. That is not capitalism, it is not freedom, it is not our independence. And that is why I want him and his Admin to fail.

Bug said...

I've already had a few people say to me that they hope he DOES fail as a man... they want him to fail politically... they want his policies to fail... they want everything about him to fail. That's how angry people have become over this whole thing... over the hypocrisy of the Liberal Media and all they represent... over the Hollywood elitists and their flinging bullshit… over the way the Left has driven nails into George Bush’s coffin and left him for dead. People are fed up with the disrespectful, self interested Democrats who claim to “want to reach across the isle”. The only thing they want to do is shoot hollow points into the chests of anyone who opposes them. They are all hypocritical, self-serving liars.

Arc said...

don't hold back babe... tell us how you really fail...

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~