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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tolerance - Live and Let Live

Do you remember the saying "live and let live"? It was a great motto of the 70's and for everyone who embraced their right to just float around, doing or not doing anything they wanted with anyone they wanted... all the while wanting everyone to be accepted for being them self and still (somehow) taking care of their own basic needs and not relying on society to take care of them (they relied on each other).

Remember that?

I always thought free-thinkers like that were liberals. I didn't necessarily think that was a bad thing but never really thought much about it either. Although I never spent much time thinking about it, I felt it was their right to feel whatever they wanted. Now many of those same individuals have spent a great deal of their lives making their children feel the same way... "live and let live".

Sounds wonderful to me. As a matter of fact, I have taught my son that he can be anything he wants and that so long as he gets there honestly, I will always be proud of his achievements. He also knows how to be tolerant of others... but not because I forced it down his throat (not like so many liberals do today). The tolerance he learned was a simple lesson in how to win and lose without making everyone around you feel horrible. You don't spend your time whining and crying when you lose... you don't accuse others of cheating or playing an unfair game just because you lost. You don't spend your time rubbing someone else's face in the dirt if you win... you don't destroy their self worth by pointing at them and laughing.

That's it... to me that lesson teaches all the tolerance a person really needs. If you know how to win and how to lose, you will have accomplished something so many others have not. You will feel joy for those who have done something great even if you have not and you will still feel pride in yourself when you accomplish something and not make everyone around you feel miserable.

... but back to the "live and let live" individuals. It has taken me a long time to realize that many of them have hidden motives behind this freedom of thought ideal. I always thought they included everyone in that motto. Unfortunately, many of them have now moved on into political footholds in our society... politicians, journalists, educators... so many of them have slipped into these once inspiring and proud rolls of our society.

And some of them are frauds... they either didn't participate in the "live and let live" movement or they just went along for the ride seeing a much bigger way of using the motto for a different agenda.

Now we have the "live and let live so long as it's the right way" groups and individuals. They want freedoms but primarily for those people who, in their eyes, deserve certain freedoms. They want these freedoms GRANTED to those who follow the special rules they have created. They want freedoms withheld from anyone who disagrees with them and has the audacity to speak up and say something about it. They want all of us to do exactly what they want us to do so they can claim victory over an invisible foe that only they can see.

All the while, they forget that other countries and groups with their own hidden agenda are watching them and amusing themselves of the ignorance that they are enforcing. Not only do they hope everyone will run around with these ideals, they want to then take them and crush them into non-existence. Do you think Islam really loves the fact Obama is in power? Do you think they agree with any of his personal or political points of view? No... what they believe in is the fact that if they can get a very liberal president into power, then they can eventually control him or control the society he creates while in office. It could be they take full advantage next year or they could be patient and wait to see if he gets elected to a second term.

RADARSITE's: That Other War: Revisited

What have we learned about ourselves from this recent fateful presidential election? We learned that a majority of Americans have bought into the concept that America is the problem with the world. We have learned that if we attempt to protect ourselves or fight back against our enemies we will be condemned by the world as aggressors. We have learned that it is our inherent bigotry and racism that is the fundamental cause of the dangerous instability in this world. We have learned that the only way to combat this growing menace to world peace is to 'embrace the other' and elect a man of color -- regardless of his qualifications or character -- in order to make a statement to the world that we recognize our national historical guilt and that we are willing, no, determined, to change. To accomodate the world, we will change what it means to be an American. We will be less concerned with our American exceptionalism and more concerned with the needs of the world we live in. We have been guilty of gross arrogance and monumental hubris, and we are willing to make amends.

We have also learned that, for the majority of Americans, the fact that our enemies have not broken down our doors and attacked us in our homes for seven years now proves that they are no longer there. Or if they are there, that they no longer pose the threat to our existence that we once thought they did. 49% of Americans polled during this past election thought that the most serious issue facing this nation was the economy. The next most pertinent issue was terrorism, which was ranked at an inconsequential 9%. Now, the question is this. Does the existential threat to our nation diminish in direct relation to our acknowledgement of it? Have our sworn enemies become less dangerous to us because we refuse to look at them?

They know that a liberal society is much easier to defeat than a conservative society... conservatives will stand up for the rights of liberals while liberals will simply let conservatives drown.

But the terrorists WILL attack. It could be they attack us the same way they did on September 11, 2001 (there have been no successful attacks since then) or they could just continue to attack us through our youth by spending years indoctrinating our children while they are in grade school all the way up to our young adults in American colleges who show intolerance and hatred for others who do not agree with them.

"Why do you call me a racist when you don't even know me?" she screamed. Made no difference. Grossmann was felled by the largest of the four. She hit her head on the brick wall, and staggered back to her dorm. The other three black women at the beating chucked at this dark manifestation of partisan evil. They walked away laughing, offering no help to their victim. The banality of evil had asserted itself. And at four-to-one, it was also a cowardly act of mindless violence which, presumably, the four thought "normal."
Although I have taught my son tolerance indirectly through how to win and how to lose... I feel that tolerance as our society teaches us is a joke. So many liberals preach tolerance of others who are different and yet they do nothing when students in our colleges are singled out and beaten for being conservative. It's a joke! It has nothing to do with tolerance and "live and let live". It has everything to do with dictatorship.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Wonderful and scary article. thank you for cross posting.

lovemissbailey said...

I've often wondered how to teach my children tolerance. I love how you so simply describe it as learning to win and to lose well. I'll remember that. The rest of your post, however, is frightening, especially the part about Islam seeking to control Obama and his illuminati administration while he's in office. I venture to say that is why most of the nations around the world supported Obama. They felt that they had a better chance of controlling or manipulating him to their own ends. So sad, but true.

Bug said...

Hi again Bailey... that is definately how I have felt; that these other countries and leaders merely think they can get Obama to do more for them or for their cause than someone else. I sure hope we're wrong and that Obama will come to realize that these people don't care about his journey into the presidential seat... they care only for their own agendas.

As for teaching tolerance... it seems to have worked (for the most part) for us. It has another affect... if my son able to accept losing and be a gracious winner, he also has the ability to witness the same in others. He also gets to see when others are poor winners or losers and it's a real eye opener for him. There have been a few stories he's shared. In some ways it teaches him an appreciation for others and in other instances it teaches him how not everyone is good... some people are truly only living for themself and no one else.

It's been an interesting journey so far. :o)

... a side note... I don't really teach him that he has to be humble all the time... that's just way too boring. I remember one day he told me how happy he was that he could come home and brag to me about his accomplishments because he didn't feel he could do it with his friends (some may be jealous, etc). I told him that he can always brag to me because there's nothing wrong with being proud of who you are.

... but still have a balance between pride of yourself and acceptance of others. He is very caring of others and likes himself as well!

Wow... I rambled. Thanks for commenting. :)

William said...

Bug, often, we live in locales where there are shortages of like minded people. What I love about the internet so much is that I come across people who not only have a blog to express their thoughts, but frequently they post something, as though I wrote the column myself. You Bug, are one of those people!

Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading.

Best regards,

Bug said...

I'm glad you happened by William and I'm flattered by your comment. I hope to see more of your thoughts.

There is one thing I've noticed with the blogs that I frequent... every now and then a post will pop up that I don't agree with or can't quite sink my teeth into. It's those moments when I remind myself that not everyone agrees with everyone else all the time. If that happens to you in reading some of my posts, I hope you will come back again on another day.

Happy Saturday!

The Right Guy said...

Tolerance comes from living according to our will, within our natural rights and bound by the rights of others drawn around us (paraphrasing Jefferson). So as long as we respect the rights of others, and they ours, people will get along just fine. In our own country, constituency politics has caused people to rally around causes, sometimes competitive, other times opposed in order to gain political power and/or a desired or the perception of desired result. This type of politics came in vogue during the FDR administration. He was probably the first president to use polling, and also to cater to individual constituencies that he created, all for the purpose of keeping himself in power. These intolerances in our own country are the result of constituency politics, and it is not so much that they divide or only divide us, but that we would put power or the perception of power above respecting and promulgating our natural rights. In fact, these pursuits of power create the desire for superior rights because of the competitive process of politics. Anyway, thanks for the article and your comments.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~