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Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Items of Interest {5, to be exact}

So much is going on... and so much of it just makes the stress on my neck visible from miles away. So... I'm going to have a little "Quick Items of Interest" section for those times when I just can't say enough but hope others can figure it out on their own.

Item #1

Michigan liberals attack Lansing congregation in the middle of Sunday worship - briefly... about 30 "individuals" overran a church in order to shout that "Jesus was gay," (and other things) as they rushed the stage. Some tried to hang a profane banner while others tossed fliers into the air. Two women began kissing at the pulpit. For props, they used "a video camera, a megaphone, noise makers, condoms, glitter by the bucket load, confetti, pink fabric." This went on apparently while a "journalist" from the Lansing City Pulse came along as a witness (not bothering to prevent the vandalism or violence)."

~ This type of behavior only enforces how little respect they have for others and how bad it looks for gays everywhere. This is the type of garbage that makes every-day citizens NOT want to speak to gays let alone give them their own special rights... and based on this bit of action, they WANT special rights. Being disrespectful just for the sake of getting attention is childish. By the way... this group of gays does not represent those I have met personally; those I have met would be embarrassed to be associated with this group.~

Item #2

"It's important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. "

~I see... so Obama is now the ruler of the free world, not just the leader. Is anyone else's blood pressure rising?~

Item #3

And as David Drake mentions here about possible future gas price increases -

"Environmentalists on Monday applauded an announcement that U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama would consider curtailing oil and gas drilling in some areas, and expressed hope future energy policy decisions would contain more environmental protections."

~I love how people at work keep saying "did you see how low gas was this weekend... it cost me less than $40 to fill my tank!!!"

Not for long ladies, not for long. ~

Item #4

And this one really makes me impressed at how the Democrats or the Liberals or the Left (whatever you want to call them and whomever wants to take credit) respect our CURRENT president.

Proposal Would Rename SF Sewage Plant After Bush - "Some residents were only too happy to sign the petition. "It seems like a good way to commemorate one of the people who is the most full of what's in the sewage plant," suggested James Chiancini."

~Luckily there are some who are also appalled. This isn't humor and it isn't respectful. I don't care how much I dislike Bill Clinton... I still don't feel naming a sewage plant after him is appropriate. Or is it?? ~

Item #5

For those of you who actually made it to the bottom of this post, I would like to share with you something I overheard at work today from the same ladies who are extremely happy about Obama being president. These are not exact quotes because, unlike others, I was actually trying to work [while eavesdropping... :o)... but I couldn't help it since she was just 5 feet from me].

Today, Lady A said to Lady B that she feels that the extreme wealthy don't need such an enormous amount of money because they don't need it to live and having huge homes is really not necessary. She announced in a "quiet whispering like voice" that she's very close to being socialist and feels that socialism works (using Norway as an example). She thinks that when everyone is in the middle class, then there are no poor people and lots of happy people.

Literally two minutes later, Lady A came back to Lady B to tell a story about a man she knows. This man has to go to court for fighting wherein he was the one who was attacked. He apparently said the wrong things about unions while surrounded by union mambers. The point of her story was to show that it was unfair that he was being charged with "anything" because he wasn't the one who did the attacking; just the provoking.

Her final words were that it was this man's right to say these things because of freedom of speech.

{dramatic pause}

So she feels socialism will help everyone live in the middle class, which will make them happy, but also feels freedom of speech is important. Since socialism does not promote the idea of freedom of speech anywhere close to America's laws, I'm left wondering how she knows that the people living in a socialist society are happy if they can't speak out against their government (or more than likely, feel helpless to do so).

I'm just say'n...


David Drake said...

Lady A sounds like a good little goose-stepper.

Can you believe that Valerie Jarrett, and her "begin to RULE" quote? Holy hell...talk about a New World Order! If a Repub had said that, the MSM would be going full tilt insane crazy 24/7, unable to stop showing the "being to RULE" video.

And thanks for the mention and links, as always.

Bug said...

Lady A is a very caring person who feels empathy for just about everyone. It's hard for me to say she's also very wrong in her thinking... but she is.

I don't see why it's not a problem when the Obama-ites say it but if anyone from Bush's "side of the aisle" makes any kind of comment even remotely similar... suddenly he's a fascist dictator coummunist.

Hello... every look in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me posting a comment. I haven't been able to sleep well after the election. Usually when someone new comes into office it doesn't bother me that much. For some reason, this time it does and race has nothing whatsoever to do with it. I just have really bad feelings about what has been going on recently.

These coworkers, especially the one who condones socialism doesn't know what she is sacrificing until she has to go the doctor and finds out she is 230th in line and has to wait her turn, which could be several weeks or more or that she is too old to be operated on. You get what you ask for, I suppose. And she thinks there would be a middle class?

Isn't the goal of socialism/communism to completely eliminate the bourgeoise a.k.a. middle class? That way the power structure is one-sided. The ruling elite and the masses; wherin the ruling elite controls or rules the masses.

When will people let go of this naive idea of the world becoming some kind of socialist utopia? It will never work. It never has worked.


Bug said...

Thank you for your comment "Ony"... hope you don't mind that I call you Ony since I don't know your name. :o)

My coworkers seems to be blending in with the rest of those who feel "we can do it better" even though civilization after civilization has proven otherwise. It’s pure ignorance and conceit for “them” to think they have all the answers even though those who came before them didn’t.

I definitely agree regarding medicine. There are many reasons why it won’t work and one reason is that if there is no real incentive for a person to be a doctor, they won’t. As it is, doctors don’t have nearly the same benefits financially as they did when my grandfather was a doctor so many years ago. He was one of a very few doctors in the Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue area in Washington State… if you know the area, it’s amazing to imagine what I just said.

And you’re right… there would be no middle class… there would only be the elite and those who are not. But she said she understood that would happen… that in Norway there are those who are royalty while the regular citizens just live “peaceful, quiet lives that are ordinary in nature” (by the way… I don’t know anything about Norway… just going by what she was saying).

To some degree, she understands what she is saying but she assumes she speaks for everyone. If I choose to have an average and simple life, that is my choice… but if I choose to be rich, that too is my choice. Not in the world she is imagining… in that world everyone is special and the same. She is wrong; they can not do more than they are allowed.

The Right Guy said...

Kings, Dictators, and Despots rule, Presidents preside. We removed a ruler 232 years ago and we'll do it again.

Bug said...

Obama has taken on too much.. he will completely fall apart when the big stuff starts coming at him. And when that happens, even his worshipers will turn their backs and walk away.

Thanks for the comment!

Trish said...

I too have had trouble sleeping since the election, worrying about my rights being truly trampled, not the way liberals thought GW trampled theirs, ie wiretapping bad guys...
Now this Auto maker bailout, with the govt wanting to have a vested interest, with conditions mind you. One giant step closer to socialism.

What is this comment about being ready to rule? Are you kidding me? The press didn't gobble that up? If Bush had said anything similar, there would be hell to pay.

I am of Irish descent, and grew up listening to my father go on and on about the British and how horrible and cruel they were when they came and trampled on the Irish. How they pitted good Irish against one another and how the poor got poorer, and the British gave the Irish willing to be traitors to their people, land and appointments. Will the big O give such entitlements to his cronies, as he forces us into submission? Surely he will.

I have it in my blood to fight this crap, just tell me where to sign up when the time comes!!!

Bug said...

Hi Trish… thank you for commenting… I don’t feel quite so alone when I get comments like yours.

I do not feel that Obama and his supporters are above bribery. His supporters stopped at nothing to win the election (the media proved that) and they will stop at nothing to keep him, as we’ve heard, IN POWER as long as they possibly can. In the mean time, they will search out for a replacement for when he descends from his throne. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will bribe as many individuals as possible and they will most likely be those who have very little money, no ambition to get more unless it’s given to them and those who simply have no hope other than the hope he feeds to them in, essentially, suicide pills that resemble handouts. {I know, it’s a little dramatic… but sometimes the truth is quite dramatic}

I do believe what upsets me more about this situation than the fact he’s now our president is the fact so many people who voted for him are more than willing to trample my rights in order to feel justice is being served for some injustice THEY feel has been put upon them or upon someone they know. I am an every-day American who struggles to keep my head afloat… I don’t have anything to give unless they plan on making me let someone I don’t know sleep on my couch, eat my food and take showers in my bathroom.

Perhaps that’s what’s coming next… perhaps Obama will force people to welcome strangers into our homes; you know, for the betterment of our society.

The Right Guy said...

I've had trouble sleeping, but for somewhat different reasons. A week before the elections I got called into my bosses office and she wanted to know about a word I use to describe Obama in my blog. I never told her I had a blog. She said while I have a 1st amendment right to blog, she felt it violated our agencies policy on diversity and cultural competence. She reminded me that my review was coming up and that I better watch out. Things seemed to cool off after the election, and I thought may be it would be Ok. I still have to fill out my self assessment form and personal growth plan. Until today. A co-worker went to a meeting where she asked is it against company policy for employees to blog about things she felt were racist and sexist. She was told by someone in the meeting not to go there, and that people have a first amendment right. She then continued on and pushed it, and the director of communications said that as long as they don't mention work, where they work or do it at work, they have a right to their opinion. I don't think my boss was satisfied with that from what I have been told. It seems diversity only counts when it is beliefs they agree with. With the economy the way it is, I don't know what I would do if I lost my job, except try to get another, but this is ridiculous, and it's fascist. Part of our discrimination policy includes the word "Creed". I think she fails to acknowledge that, and it's ironic considering she's part of the velvet mafia. All I can ask is wish me luck.

Bug said...

Very interesting... I wonder how she found out about your blog.

That makes me wonder about mine... there is at least one person who "used" to work where I work who reads it (and agrees with me) but there are two others I sent links to but never mentioned it was my blog. I don't know how they ultimately think. There is a man who works with me who feels as strongly as I do, so I know he's okay with my blog.

But what if they pass it along to the wrong person?

Clearly your boss doesn't really care about your 1st amendment right or even whether or not your blog truly violated your agency's policy on diversity and cultural competence (whatever the hell that is).

The fact she reminded you that your review was coming up was a threat!

{Is the co-worker a different person than your boss? I got a little confused there.}

Either way... it sounds like those who are against what you are for are trying to get your blog stopped and therefore, censored.

And why would she think your blog (if we are to assume we're talking primarily about your blog) is racist or sexist?

It's sad when people preach diversity but only if it benefits them or is in the direction of their thinking.

Another thought... you can in fact change your blog to another address, I believe; I know you shouldn't HAVE to do that but sometimes it's more important to protect what you have and your beliefs in the best way you can... even if that means burning a bridge or two.

The Right Guy said...

I work for a governmental agency, so supposedly, my rights are supposed to be protected more than, shall we say, if I worked for joe schmo down the street. The co-worker in the meeting obviously was not her. All I can say is that you should have seen her grit her teeth when she asked me about my pet name for Obama. she was really pissed. What these people want to do is not get equal rights, but superior rights so as to dictate social order to the world. I tend to be libertarian and have the attitude of live and let live, but this is really pushing me more conservative, which is the opposite effect that she's probably trying to foment. Usually people that go digging in people's underwear drawers have the most to hide. Look at Edgar J. Hoover. This person reminds me of him. It's sick out there and getting sicker. As far as changing the name, I already have two domain names pointing to it. It would be a waste. I don't know. I really do not believe I should have to back down on this.

Bug said...

I truly believe that the liberals are pulling their hair out because they can't convince people to swing their way. That brings out the truth of the matter... if you can't convince them, force them or threaten them... do anything to make them change or make them disappear.

I do not believe you should have to change your domain... it is, after all, yours.

There are, as I've posted before, a number of people at my office who support Obama and one lady in particular who favors socialism and feels safer voicing her opinions NOW more than ever. That being said... they have not brought any of it up since that first week after the election... why? Well, because we all know that it's not appropriate to discuss things like politics at work because not everyone agrees and it doens't make for a "pleasant" work environment. That's important to the company. :o)

What probably WOULD happen at my work is that there would be whispering in corners "do you know what she writes on her blog" or "can you believe she thinks like that". I would only get in trouble from management if I were posting into my blog from work.

But honestly... most of them don't even know what a blog is or how to get on-line.

Ah... and I agree that usually the people with the most to hide are the ones always searching for dirt in someone else's back yard.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~