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Saturday, November 8, 2008

He May Be a Socialist, But We Need CHANGENISM

An email I sent to my friends and those who feel similar to how I feel:

One of the ladies here at work is on the phone telling how she cried when Obama won and how she’s so excited. She said that she has heard that people say he LEANS towards socialism and her response is “ya… ya… I know, we need change”. She has expressed how she thinks socialism is better, so she’s definitely happy about what has happened. Socialism has never worked and it only has one direction…

She’s still going on about how wonderful it is that a black man has become president… and she’s crying. She seems to be like so many others that apparently think this is somehow retribution to all that has ever happened to “them” in our history. She neglects to realize that other countries were far worse than ours in respect to slavery and how they don’t give individuals who are different equal rights, even TODAY. There is no law in our country that states a person can not succeed due to color… as a matter of fact, we’ve done all we can to avoid it. So when they say “finally, justice is served” I wonder just what injustice they are talking about.

Oh… and TODAY she’s proud to be an American.

Another lady here mentioned how someone she knows voted for Obama to get rid of the “them vs. us” mentality. I’ve never thought that… ever! We are all Americans or we are not. Voting for someone because you hope it will equal things out is stupid… what about his policies?

Have I just been completely blind to how horrible it must be to be different than others? Hell, I am different than others… I was not born with the perfect nose or mouth… should I now feel I deserve retribution; perhaps a hand out. Maybe I shouldn’t be happy and proud to be an American until someone who went through the exact same thing I went through is president. Perhaps I should feel bitter and demand that those with a perfect face give me “something” to pay for my pain. Perhaps my son, who has never felt my childhood experiences, should also get something for my pain?

Some would say there’s a huge difference… really? My childhood, on into the early years of my adult life, were filled with name calling and being excluded from groups due to how I looked. I went through a job rejection due to the fact I would have to deal with the public and their company appearance was very important. I experienced it personally. I don’t see much of a difference.

What I won’t do is force my son to feel prejudice towards others who look like those who hurt me long ago. That is why racism lives today… because we force our children to either feel they are “owed” something because of past hatred or we make them feel “guilty” for being on the wrong side of the coin.

I've had a FEW email conversations lately and thought I would share some of what was discussed. I do feel good that I'm not the only concerned American worried for my country, my life and the life of my children during the next 4 to 8+ years.

Many Americans voted based on the fear that there would be riots in the streets and that a second Civil War was about to break out. Reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We'll walk down the streets pretending to be “one of them” and say something like “freedom of speech” or "America is great" and everyone will start hissing and beating us senseless.

Remember all of the gaffes Biden made during the election? Remember how it looked like he was trying to lose the election? Turns out he could have said anything and it would not have mattered.

People this year voted with their feelings because it felt good to vote for change. They voted for someone who's only real campaign plug was "Yes we can... we can CHANGE." And that is why people got out to vote... pretty, flowery words of hope with nothing of substance to back it up. What kind of change, Barack? Seems he made it perfectly clear that the change will be whatever is the best for his agenda of absolute power.

What about all of the other countries who were cheering for Obama? Interesting how some of them are actually our enemies... or are supporting our enemies. They feel Obama will destroy capitalism and freedom in America and thus allow their forces of terrorism to wander in and casually take us over. Slavery is right around the corner if we just sit on our couches and let it happen.

What about my job? I hear the ladies at my work talk about how "things will change now" and everything is going to get better once Obama is in office. And I'm curious just what they think will happen once Obama's tax plans go into affect. I wonder if they think the owners will just take a hit to their own bank accounts because they have to pay more taxes.

No, ladies...no.

Let's look at it this way. Last year we received raises, bonuses and profit sharing and we were able to hire new employees when the work increased. Once Obama's tax plan go into affect, this is what will happen.

  • IF we end up getting a raise, it will be the bare minimum

  • IF we get bonuses, they will be very small

  • IF we get profit sharing, it will barely be worth getting because it goes straight into our 401K

  • IF taxes are too high, they will let people go and those remaining will take up the slack for less money

  • Plus… I work in the durable medical equipment industry and if we go to socialized medicine like other countries, the company will not exist the way it does now. All medical equipment will have to be provided out of hospitals.

So why are they so happy? People just don’t think about the consequences... they just want change for the sake of changing.

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~