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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barack Obama: Dictator, Socialist and the next Hitler

Here we go... let us make regulations so tough that if a person wants to open their own business, the government will force them into bankruptcy. Gee... wonder how that will help the economy or those who desperately need employment.

Barack Obama is a herder. He herds his flock in the direction he so chooses... and they blindly go where he DICTATES. Their only word is "bah" (which represents simply repeating what Obama says) and their only action is to crap on anyone who doesn't conform.

Barack Obama is a dictator in the making... he has convinced his followers that what his right hand is doing doesn't matter and that they should just look at his left. It doesn't matter about all of his past and current associates... he's just being friendly. It doesn't matter about his voting record... it was for a higher purpose.

His purpose.

I read people's comments and hear their thoughts about how we need to spread the wealth around because too many people are poor and it just isn't fair. Really? Not fair, huh?

So what happens to a society wherein everyone is at the same level? It becomes stagnant... unmoving... we will not progress passed where we sit on the couch. Why would anyone who used to work hard every day continue to do so if he can't keep his money but must give it to some bum in another part of the country who watches game shows... and then soap operas... and then talk shows? Why... well, because it's some how fair. We should work hard for very little. Blah.

But there are individuals who are in that place... the place of being poor but doing nothing to get out of it... they love Obama because he is going to free them. He will give them free money from those "rich" people who are too greedy to see the poor people in the country. They are waiting for Obama to swoop down, grab a few thousand dollars from some jerk who is working hard and give it to them.

What these people don't understand is that many of these rich people DO give to charity and they do help their friends and family... but low and behold, they can't help everyone and certainly they can't help someone they've never heard of. Oh, but Obama is going to change that... he's going to MAKE these people known and give them a voice that allows them to make everyone who has ever succeeded feel guilty for not giving to those who won't even try.

You want a voice? Get up and do something with your life.

The only thing that is truly free is our right to be free. If the government gives you $1000 they expect something in return... mostly your vote to continue what they are doing. Why would anyone vote AGAINST free money in their pocket for doing nothing? Well, therein lies a key doesn't it.

Just like cattle... the farmer calls out to them and they come over lazily to stick their heads down into the pile of free food to get fatter and fatter. The farmer smiles because he knows his herd won't wander too far from home because they would starve to death if they did. The chickens run to the farmer when it's feeding time and will blindly pluck at the ground to get as much feed as possible as quickly as possible because the chicken next to her might get more; and that wouldn't be fair. Again, the farmer smiles because just like the cattle, his chickens are getting fat. Soon he will be able to feed many people.

The government won't slaughter it's flock to feed other people... instead the government goes out and slaughters the farmer's crew because the farmer was too successful and they need to feed their own flock money (they tax him practically out of business, but not quite). Now the farmer can't take care of the cattle and the chicken. Now he will have to let some of his animals die or slaughter more than necessary so the others can survive. Soon he won't be able to feed many people.

Do you see a pattern here? What will happen to Obama's herds... to his flocks... once the hands of the rich are empty? Why... he will have to tell his followers that they need to fend for themselves. Well, how in the world will they be able to do that... no one has taught them and all they're used to getting is free feed. So what will they do... they will turn on each other and even more hatred will flourish in Obama Land.

And what will you see? You will see Obama smile because when his own followers divide, he has accomplished segregating the American people into smaller and smaller groups who will be easier to conquer and easier to control. If the people are not together... they can not stand up and fight and they will fall.

And who will profit from all of this? Obama and his ELITE followers. All of his flock who peck at the ground or lazily wander over to their feed will eventually mean nothing to him. He will be where he wants to be and until his followers put aside their greed and get over being "victimized", we will be a divided country.

United we stand... divided we fall...


Deb said...

damn, you go girl! you need to be submitting these articles somewhere...

Bug said...

LOL... well, I submit them here for now.

david drake said...

Just like cattle.

Those three words sum up the Obama Cultists better than anything.

Bug said...

I agree David... I agree. And why would anyone want to be a blind follower; knowledge is power.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just happend to stumble upon this and this blog makes a lot of scense! Like cattle and a farmer!!!! Lmao. Its so true. I see it on t.v all the time! The propaganda is everywhere. T-shirts, hats, coins, songs, flags, dvd's. Its gettin damn ridiculous! He's more popular than jesus! His face is EVERYWHERE! T.V is hypnotizing the sheeple. But I see it..why can't every1 else....its scary!

Bug said...

Hey Anony... it is rather scary how they have elated Obama to some sort of god. Remember the old saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"? He's been raised so high that if there are any other beings living in space, they will probably hear the crash when Obama falls on his face.

Anony a.k.a J Jizzle said...

Lol. So do you think obama will asume a dictator role as did hitler? He carried his campaign the same way as hitler!

Bug said...

Well... he's on a roll with all of his executive orders; seems to me he figures no one will oppose him strongly enough to stop him.

Either people will be blind for 4 to 8 years or there will be a huge uprising. I, for one, will make my voice heard.

Unfortunately, I don't know if I'm the type to really organize something, so that may be why it doesn't happen for a while... "we" like to say what's on our minds and complain and point things out, etc. But it takes a really strong person to get something going.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama wants to regulate how cars are made,and what kind of cars we can all drive. Gas prices are steadily climbing again (and everyone in the press yelled about it when they went up every 2 cents but now they are silent) even though the price of oil is DOWN. Obama made it his mission to make do away with any international abortion hurdles, which means China and other cuntries are more free to keep killing female babies, and control their population, his stimulus bill is all about birth control and std awareness and the rest is government funding. Bigger,more powerful government equals dictatorship. As for people like my family who are struggling to pay our way through college and keep a small roof over our heads and 15 year old vehicle to drive, because we dared to think we can acheive "middle class" or higher status during Bush's presidency are now scared to death because our colleges have sent us letters telling us that our "loans" and "grants" are in danger now. What happened to that campaignpromise that higher education will be a birthright....? Obama wants ditchdiggers and a society of "workers" not thinkers, not people seeking truth or to better themselves. He wants control and thanks to a few million sheep, he does. Well, at least we aren't "racist" anymore, right?

Anonymous said...

This is what I have been saying even months before the elections started and in the little time he has been in office he has reversed every conservative policy and further strives to tear down the very fabric on which our great nation was founded upon: justice, fairness,and freedom. I'm fairly certain if he stays on this path, he will tear down everything we have done in two-hundred plus years. Even with the overturning of the Mexico City Policy, we went back years. And now he continues to tell the American people how to live our lives. As if some elite or elites on capitol hill knows how to live our lives better than us. And President Obama has no idea how to fix the economy, if he did he would not have thrown over 9.7billion dollars at the problem hoping it will get better by catching a lucky break.He has spent the same amount as Bush per month and multiplied it by five, didn't he say he wasn't going to spend as much as Bush? And the 16,000 troops that are coming out of Iraq and the 16,000 going into Afghanistan: is it the same 16,000 or a different 16,000? and because of this increased spending on the war effort he will not be able to keep his promise to lower taxes on the lower 95% of Americans. When will President Obama realize that people have a breaking point and some people are going past their's? People are losing everything and it seems as though he does nothing to prevent it. for example my stepdad lost his entire 401k when the government decided to put it in a struggling company and guess what?....the company tanked. What will Obama do when the lower 95% of Americans can no longer take the onslaught of the socialist and liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...

oblama scares the crap out of me.......Everytime I hear about one of his new plans I think of the movie "Doctor Zhivago"...when evertime he comes home there are more and more poor people living in his house and he and his family are forced to live in one room of it, and the the Commies show up and start to take what valuable items they have saved to be "Passed out to those who need them more"
Watch the movie if you have not already.
I for one plan on heading back to northern Michigan...........at least there they are not shy about their mistrust of oblama and the direction this country is heading.

Anonymous said...

What a group of disgusting Americans. Don't any of you know that our government was crafted to resist dictators? The only time a president really can assume so much power is during a crisis (aka a World or Civil war, NOT during small middle eastern war or recession). Congress is the most powerful house in the federal government (though maybe you idiots didn't know that). Obama won't be able to do anything he's spouting unless he can get CONGRESS to agree with him. And don't start saying he's going to dissolve the Congress. This government won't collapse in the next decade and Obama probably won't be reelected in four years. He'll just write and book and slip off into the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm the same person who wrote the comment about how Congress is the most important house.

Anyway, I find it really fitting that you who spouts democracy like you do would filter comments so only the ones you like, who share your views, end up for the people to see. That's real nice - real democratic and everything.

Bug said...

First of all ANONYMOUS... it says right above where you enter your post that most ANONYMOUS posts will not be allowed because most of them are people coming to my site swearing and cursing and saying things that make no sense. They use ANONYMOUS as a way of not actually taking credit for the comments they make... that way no one will really know who they are. You were warned before you even started typing.

Because of those people who like to be vulgar and just spew their views without making good points, I have this set up to not "automatically" post anyone's post whether I agree with them or not. I was not yet at my computer when you made your points and I don't have a pager that tells me when you've made a comment... sorry... I'm not that tied to my blog.

Secondly, if you look back at all of the comments in this one particular post, there are many ANONYMOUS posts by people who agree with the post. Guess what... I almost didn't post them either because they are ANONYMOUS. I had every intention of posting yours since I've allowed bunches of them for this post.

Therefore... your second comment was uncalled for and you really jumped the gun; you could have at least given me a couple of hours to get to my computer.

I don't particularly enjoy being called a disgusting American and that right there was also very uncalled for; I will post your opinion but this is my blog and if you're going to call me names... guess what... I don't have to post your comment because this is America and this is MY blog.

As to Congress... they are at moments more scary than our president... any president. They have a lot of power. The issue is when all of the branches of government are so chummy that we, the rest of America, fear that they will do things to further themselves rather than our country.

Arc said...

So let me get this straight since Congress is more powerful than The President, I don't have to worry about a president who has created a cult of personality to carry him instead of achievement? Hmmm...

First off 3 separate but equal branches of government, Look it up; the legislative, the judicial, and the executive. President Obama is the chief executive, and while it is true that congress, specifically the House of Representatives is in charge in economics and the budget, what we have is the Democrat Road Show, all Democrats all the time. Both Congress and the President are paying off cronies, pushing socialism down our throats, strong arming businesses, etc.
Using one radicalized branch of government as a bulwark against another equally radicalized branch of government is like trying to use criminals as bank guards. It really won't work.

mandy said...

couldn't be more correct! hey look in the news he wants to give money to dictators and kids are glorifying him in songs... its getting scary

Jake said...

So, at least I know my family ain't crazy. I've been hearing a lot about Obama from my mother and her mom, about how he wants to take away the basic freedoms that our Constitution gives us, taking control of cars, internet, broadcasting... It's really scary. I never really knew about it. I thought that my grandmother was reading too much into things but reading all this... it kinda opens your eyes. So, honestly, is there anything we can do to stop him? isn't there something in the first amendment or other about petitioning to be able to get a new government if the current one isn't right? I don't know, my roommate just told me that and it seems very... meh. Anyway, I can't believe that this stuff is really happening.. Honestly, I'm kind of glad I wasn't able to vote because I'd feel like crap because i was planning on voting for this dictator...

Leopold said...

I'm not particullarly sure why there is such phobia about the Presidential agenda.

The United States has a large gap between wealthy and poor americans, and although americans have the tools to succeed in life it must be understood that some education isnt universal. Public Schools arent all equal, some are better and some are worse. The gap is unlike there has ever been since the Gilded Age, at the height of exploitation. It is darn near impossible to survive on minimum wage. That the bottom twenty percent in this country are struggling is natrual and always will be so, but it shouldn't be everyone out for themselves and people should lend a helping hand to help the poor and needy.

The health care reform doesn't equal socialism, it just changes the status quo. The Federal Government gives individual states the option of accepting the Federal form of health insurance granted to Senators and Reps.

I've actually been reading the proposed bill and following the news, both CNN and Fox News on this issue.

Socialism is where the government has a government appointed administrator managing a company. Meaning that a CEO is employed directly by the government.
This health care reform merely makes health care available to everyone. There aren't any death panels.

On Obama's popularity: He isnt as popular as he was when he got elected, as the media trends tend to first focus on the positive, nowwe're focusing on the negative. Keep in mind that people are also free thinking individuals, (people that actually go to the trouble of voting), and their decision to elect Barack Obama was because of the financial crisis and people lost faith in the trickle down economic theory that had created this economic disaster. I think it was Reagan who started deregulation, and thirty years later such a catastrophe occurred.

We do NEED more responsible banking so that financial crisis may never reoccur. There needs to be a thriving middle class so our country can thrive in the future.
It's thinning.

I used to be a Republican, but the party seems to have been hijacked by religious zealots, crooks, and liars.Some of the recent actions by the Republican party seem to vindicate my decision to stop affiliating with it.

I do disagree with a lot of Obamas policies, but I don't believe it is nessecary to call him a dictator, and especially compare him to the Nazist leader, Adolf Hitler.

I truly resent that there are people who can so casually compare a new leader and a new idea that has nothing to do with genocide.
It's cruel and unjust.

This seems more of Obama bashing to arouse emotions that would cloud judgement of his actions.
It's okay, and American to disagree with a Presidents use of authority and propositions, but to label him as a mass murderer, or to associate his administration with the most vile regime?

It's childish to so casually bring it up.

It isnt something you quickly use if you want to discredit something, find the genuine fault in it and explain why it is bad instead of using Inflamatory and non-facts to bolster pre-existing prejudices.

Do it civily, and factually.

Arc said...


An answer;
We fear his policies because his ideas will move more power from the individual up to the collective and the state is never going to be better at determining my needs than I am.

If you want to improve education make public education about instructing children not about supporting teachers unions. Or better yet allow for vouchers that will let parents who want to engage in seeking a better educational product for their children.
The dirty little secret is that while there are 20 percent at the bottom today, in a very short time more than half of them will have moved up into the next income strata, one of the unique things about American Capitalism is that it allows for greater class mobility than can be found anywhere else on the planet. As far as helping look at what’s going on around the world and it is evident that Americans are the Most Generous people in the world.
The federal Government creating a massive bureaucracy to administer something that is an individual pursuit by taking from one class and redistributing to another is the very definition of socialism.

I bet the closest you get to Fox News is the Media Matters talking points.

Socialism is where the means of production are owned and controlled by the government in a Command and Control style economic system.
Healthcare is available to everyone now; some of us simply choose “self insured” because we feel that we would rather make our healthcare choices without having to consult anyone but our spouses. Corporate or government

People voted for Obama for the same reason that People thought Tiger Woods was a great man. The Media propped them both up, now we can see that he is in fact a narcissistic egomaniacal man-child who is in way over his head.
What Reagan said was that the answers to our problems lie not in some “Big Government“ program, but in each of our own innate senses of self preservation. If you free the individual from government or big business control you will unleash his potential, it’s an idea known as American Exceptionalism.
Obama’s policies are destroying the middleclass. Let the big banks fail, stop holding them up and go after Goldman Sachs as co-conspirators in the financial crisis.

Take a look at the Democrat platforms today and then compare them to the NAZI positions in the 1930’s and you will find that this is where the comparisons come from. Look at the way Obama is held as such a great orator and statesman, and compare that with Hitler in the 1930’s again it is striking.

Hows that?

Lewis said...

I keep telling people that he got the uneducated vote, and his former followers, WELCOME TO THE "EVIL" CONSERVATIVE side of the debate. The whole term of the administration will either result in total revolt, or a complete change of power in this country. Just my honest opinion. VOTE THE INCUMBANTS OUT in November. Wake up America!!!!

Lewis said...

How many people know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic? Just wondering....

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~