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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama and His Socialistic View Point VS Joe the Plumber - Just Another Whitey

Have you ever noticed how Obama tends to talk down to people and then how surprised he gets when he finds out that not everyone is accepting the brainwashing voodoo he's bouncing around the media?

{Obama's racist, elitist thoughts} Oh hey... there's some stupid looking white dude who does menial labor scooping out crap from toilets. Certainly he'll be glad to hear I want to spread the wealth around cause there's no way in hell this idiot could ever make $250,000... I mean (chuckle) who ever heard of anyone making that kind of cash by cleaning out pipes. I'll just tell him how happy he should be getting a bigger piece of the pie when I take from the rich and give to him and his other loser whiteys. Oh ya... he's gonna love me and if the "spreadin the wealth around" lie doesn't work then I'll make him feel guilty that he's white.

I'm going to apologize for this in advance but not for the reasons some may think. No... I'm going to apologize to Joe and all of the other regular tax paying, hard working men and women of every color and every religion and every other background you can think of who happen to live in this country.

It's a sad day when anyone pretends to understand your life and then has the audacity to try to fix it. These "fixes" that Obama offers up will not eliminate the rich in this country... it will expand the middle class by raising those who sit on their couches to an income just tasty enough to cause them to chant Obama's name. It will make those who have worked hard all their life to have the income to do what they want and help others wonder why they should even bother being TOO successful because those who already have permanent butt prints on their couches are going to take it away.

So that DOES sound like he WILL eliminate the rich, doesn't it? Sorry... he won't. Obama will make certain that the most liberal elite are very well off (proof is already out there) and will be able to keep the highest percentage of their money (until he's really called on it; then he'll lose followers when they whine about paying taxes just like "everyone else"). Screw the little guys... screw those who don't bow the lowest, screw those who DARE to stand up and say he's wrong, screw anyone who thinks blacks in this country don't have it BAD even though everyone has the same rights, screw you and you and you... oh... but not YOU, Mr. Liberal Lover; you're beautiful.

It's gone beyond disgusting... it's gone beyond revolting... and it's gone beyond what we ever thought would truly happen. Oh, people may have guessed there's a group out there that wants to take over and create their own perfect utopia-socialistic society. But not here, right? Not here in America where we're taught in school how bad communism and socialism is... not here where we're taught in school how evil Hitler was and what North Korea is REALLY all about.

What?!?! You mean they've down played all that and more? Now lets think... why on Earth would anyone want to down play events in world history that were evil and murderous and controlling? Why do that?

Because they want to be able to make us forget what happened in order to gain control of the masses and treat them like cattle going to the slaughter!!

Already so much of our history is far enough back, that there aren't many people who truly REMEMBER what happened. We are victims to the press and to the teachers who select the books that make it seem that the viciousness of Earth's history was like a week-long safari rather than years and years of horrendous dictatorships and terrorism.

I am embarrassed today to say I ever took that Journalism class in High School... and all those hours of playing on the floor of my grandmother's den while she listened to the news seems so far away now. The voices that soothed even when giving facts that weren't pleasant. Now they don't sooth me even when they make crap seem like roses. I want to know the truth. History isn't truth any more... history is whatever the elite liberals want it to be and that kind of control is unacceptable, unreliable and not worth the air they're breathing.


david drake said...

I read your post above yesterday and it is excellent. Thought I added a comment too, but maybe it didn't "take". I've noticed a few glitchys with the Blogger comments today over at my blog. Guess that stuff happens.

You are so right that Obama speaks down to people. He is very condescending, just as he was to Joe The Plumber. All hardcore Lefties do this. Did you see the Sunday Comics and "Doonesbury?" I quit reading it years ago, but something told me to read it yesterday. Garry Trudeau made fun of Joe the Plumber. It's their typical BS condescending attitude toward blue collar works and anyone else that isn't part of their Elite cabal.

Bug said...

Thank you David! I didn't have a different comment from you so it must be lost in cyber space. Also... I didn't get an email notice of this comment... only noticed it when I logged on. I've noticed that making changes to posts goes very slowly. :o(

That's too bad about Doonesbury... I used to like them a lot as well. But honestly, I think I just didn't see the hidden messages back then... now they're like neon signs.

Obama is an elite snob... not much more to say than that.

I was going to make a post about my feelings about all of this but truly... I'm getting into a dark depression and fear over the outcome of this election. I have no idea what I should do if Obama wins. As it is, we're in a financial mess of our own and I don't see it getting better if he wins!

David Drake said...

I agree Bug, the last thing our country and the world needs is Obama in the White House. With talk of unemployment in the U.S. estimated to be 10% by next summer or so, and Obama and Biden's horrible tax policies and pure Socialistic tendencies it's going to be a decade before we can recover, and I'm afraid we don't have that kind of time.


On a separate topic how is that sweetheart Ellie doing these days? Keeping you busy, I'll bet! Well, you always have her to brighten your day and help you forget the crazy current events, right?

Bug said...

Ellie is wonderful... not a care in the world; I often envy her.

But I wouldn't put it passed Obama to find a way to tax my dog... get a few of her doggie treats as a way to keep her in line.


Hee-hee-hee... I so silly!

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~