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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Diplay Direct Threat to Sarah Palin

I found this info on Wake Up America and thought I would use it as a foundation for my own thoughts on this obvious hypocrisy.
One Hanging Display is 'Spirit of Halloween' and Another Is Racist?

In Greenfield Wisconsin a black mannequin was displayed, hanging, over a graveyard scene:

A dark mannequin figure was hanging from a tree in front of a Greenfield home. Some members of the African-American community complained it was insensitive and had racial overtones.

The homeowner has taken that figure down, but neighbors didn’t see this as a racial issue.

“It didn’t really strike me as anything unusual. It just looked like part of the graveyard scene,” neighbor Julie Salmeron said.

The owner says she never intended to offend anyone. The homeowner said the family hung the same mannequin last year for about six weeks without a single complaint and she was surprised by the negative attention it received this year.

And in West Hollywood, California a Hanging Sarah is still on display:

A Halloween decoration showing a mannequin dressed as vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from the roof of a West Hollywood home is drawing giggles from some passers-by and gasps of outrage from others.

The mannequin is dressed in brunet wig, glasses and a red business suit. Another mannequin dressed as John McCain emerges from a flaming chimney.

Chad Michael Morisette, who lives in the house, told CBS 2 News that drivers and bus passengers have been stopping to snap pictures of the macabre scene.

Morisette says the effigy would be out of bounds at any other time of year, but it's within the spirit of Halloween.

{Yoga moment... breathe in... breath out... no need to flip out}

What's good for the goose is good for the gander?

Racism is racism is racism. Either these two displays are or they are not a voice of racism. They are both Halloween decorations and they both depict individuals in a moment of DEATH; hanging from a noose. So... either it is allowed or it not allowed. It should not matter if the mannequin is black, white, yellow, red or purple with green polka dots. It's either okay or not okay.

So which is it?


I just showed these two pictures to my 17 year old son. He made a good point... the display of Palin hanging is an implied threat to her life. The previous display may be disturbing but it is not directed towards one particular person.

It isn't funny when anyone is hung from a noose but perhaps the authorities should keep an eye on this guy just in case his new found comedy act turns out to be a foretelling of future events.

So with my son's wisdom to follow... I would have to say that the display of Palin is worse then the other display as it is a direct threat to a particular person. Just like when Sandra went crazy on stage and said Palin would be gang raped if she dared to go into the wrong neighborhood. A threat is a threat!

But did you see that... did you see how I was distracted by the subject of "is this racist" or "is that racist"? Notice that?

This isn't really about racism... it's about people who want to hurt Palin.


I went over to visit David's site and noticed the same thought there... David Drake: Palin Effigy Hangs From Noose.

I wonder if Chad has been visited yet by the Secret Service? Maybe they can rendition him to a nice rat-infested prison cell located somewhere in Eastern Europe.
It's a threat to another human being who JUST SO HAPPENS to be running for Vice President of the United States of America.


David Drake said...

Thank you for the link mention, Bug. I appreciate it. Geez, now that I think of it, I haven't done a "Blogworthy" post in quite some time. And I must do that and link to a couple of your most recent excellent posts.

The other thing that bugs me about the Palin effigy is how the house portrays McCain, burning in flames. Oh, how The Left would scream if that was done to any Democrat. These Liberals will stop at nothing. They are the most tasteless, crude, offensive group of 9&'ers I've ever witnessed!

Bug said...


And I was thinking on that as well... the hanging of Palin is a direct threat to her life, definately. But what of McCain burning alive? Seems that's a great political statement as well that is also quite threatening.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~