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Sunday, September 7, 2008

MTV - Viewers Speak Out Against Their Host

From what I have read on-line, more so during the last few years, individuals who are liberal have been pushing their beliefs upon others relentlessly and without any concern for others they may be harming. I'm sure others would say it's been happening a lot longer than a couple of years, but remember... the Internet was only invented a short time ago by Gore.

It's taken some time to gain this thought because I like to think everyone is intelligent and makes decisions based on that thought process (Ha!). If someone thinks differently than me, I do not automatically assume they are wrong; I analyse and decide for myself.

Liberals are used to conservatives taking it from behind with a reach around just for show. I, for one, am just a tad bit tired of this unwanted and unwarranted attention.

This year I am seeing a lot of angry people on-line. It comes from the left a great deal and they are upping the anti in order to get their forced Obama-brator down my throat (thanks... didn't want to see Debbie Does Dallas back then and don't want to play dress-up now).

But during the last month, I've seen a turn around... conservatives are tired of playing nice and hoping the liberals will just leave them alone and stop asking for this and that and every last possible special right they can get their filthy hands on. This time around, conservatives and republicans and average, every-day normal people are fed-up. I'm fed up... I am not a hard-core conservative... my soon-be-husband would call me more of a moderate, for lack of a better term.

People are pissed... Michelle Malkin mentioned the MTV Awards and I loved following the links on this one.

MTV apparently believes all of their views are liberal and LOVE to hear from a NOBODY from Britain to bash our president. He TELL US who to vote for, makes fun of a young girl who is facing pregnancy, jokes that our teen boys will end up "republican" if they have unprotected sex (never mind that they may get an STD or face pregnancy), call us racists if we don't elect Obama, basically tell us Bush would not be allowed to live in England, claim that Palin's daughter's pregnancy is a P.R. stunt and call our President a "retarded cowboy fellow".

I don't know... how does that make you feel? Does it make you want to break out in laughter... really? Why is some moron from another country telling ME who to vote for and telling ME I'm a racist and telling ME my president is bad? Who is this low-life and why do I care what he thinks? I care because it's none of his business... his country is FAR, FAR from perfect. Glass houses... remember... glass houses.

Well the "liberal" viewers (not all are, remember) were not happy... here's a link to the THOUSANDS of comments from viewers to MTV and most of them are extremely angry. Here is yet another link to more angry comments, like the one below.

catsum 09.07.08 11:06
I am sitting here reading these responses and this is why too I had to sign up for an account tonight. Most of you people on here are smart and thank GOD that you are using the brain that you have been given. To the VERY few of you that think what he has done is ok, you need to pick up a book and educate yourself. First off, whether you like Bush or not, he was elected by the AMERICAN people for both terms. You people that just follow the media and people such as this yahoo, is the reason you think Obama is the right direction. He should not be elected just because he is black. He should be elected because he stands for great things and has a proven track record, which he does not. I do not care if someone is black, brow, purple or a monkey, I vote for the best person for the job is based on experience. Before you speak, educate yourself on the truth. Shame on you people and shame on MTV for not speaking the truth about what the world needs. You speak about Obama, next time speak about a real hero and the person who needs to run the country, JOHN MCCAIN! As for the comments about teenage pregnancy and abstinence, how dare he say these comments against the Jonas Brothers. Thank God there are still kids in today’s society like the Jonas Brothers and Jordan Sparks that have respect for themselves and don’t let idiots like this guy detour them from them.
I like this... educate yourself and don't vote for someone BECAUSE he is black, vote for him based upon his experience. How revolutionary!! This person hit it right on!

And per Michelle's update while I was composing this post, the Associated Press has given us this bit of news on his perfomance.

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