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Friday, September 19, 2008

Liberals know my vagina better than I do - even the dudes

Different day, more crap from those who call themselves liberals and probably embarrass the real liberals.

Margaret Cho on Sarah Palin... literally (link contains much vulgarity and lots of lovely language) - I used to laugh when Margaret Cho did her stand up bits. Loved their imitations of her mother and her off the wall comedy. A few years ago I rented one of her DVDs of a stand up night and that was enough for me. Thing is, it was during a time I really didn't know about the liberal hate that is stewing in America. All she did during that show was complain about the president and about republicans and it really wasn't funny... hell... even if she reversed it and complained about democrats, it still wasn't comedy; it was a lecture.

Now she's decided to be "cool" and join in on the "lets do Palin" campaign.

David Drake: Sandra Bernhard's Hate Speech On Palin

I think Sandra misses the pink meat barrel and is taking her lesbo-frustration out on attractive, smart and successful women like the lovely Sarah Palin. It's no more than jealousy on Bernhard's part. I mean come on, if you had a face like hers, wouldn't you too be a frustrated, hate-mongering lezbo? Sure you would.
I definitely agree... Sandra is jealous in ways the normal American can not understand. It's hard for a person like Sandra to accept the fact that other women might actually like Sarah Palin and not want to spend hours upon hours feeling bitter and hateful.

Miserable provocateur rails against conservative women again - Now I've seen some of Sandra Bernhard's movies and they were weird but she was "interesting"... but she's vanished into the comedian twilight zone... until she decided to call Sarah Palin a turncoat bitch (video available) and hopes she gets gang-raped in Manhattan.

When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers, she’s being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let’s allow, disgusting.
I'm sorry... how is that provocative and humorous? That sounded much like a threat to Sarah and a dare to her "big black brothers" living in Manhattan.

Update: Just went to Gateway and noticed this post... Gateway Pundit: Obama Supporter Threatens Sarah Palin With Gang Rape - glad I'm not the only one who felt that was a threat... hell, that may have actually been considered a request.


White women, no way Once pro-Obama, but now swoon for McPalin? Who the hell are you? - And this idiot apparently knows my vagina more than I do.

Every white woman I know is positively horrified. Wait, that's not exactly true. It's more accurate to say that every thoughtful or liberal or intuitive or open-minded white woman I know worth her vagina monologue and her self-determination and two centuries of nonstop striving for equal rights and sexual freedom and exhaustive patriarchal unshackling is right now openly horrified, appalled at what the addition of shrill PTA hockey-mom Sarah Palin seems to have done for the soggy, comatose McCain campaign -- that is, make it not merely remotely interesting and melodramatic, but aggressively hostile to, well, to all intelligent women everywhere.

Truly, among women in the know and especially among those who fought so hard to bring Hillary Clinton to the brink of history, nausea and a general recoiling appear to be the universal reactions to Palin's sudden presence on the national stage, stemming straight from the idea that there's even a slight chance in hell such an antagonistic, anti-female politico could be within a 72-year-old heartbeat of becoming the most powerful and iconic woman of all time.

They say: You've got to be kidding me. They say: This is what we get? This could be our historic role model? Two hundred years (OK, more like 2000) of struggle, only to have this nasty caricature of femininity try to hijack and mock and undermine it all?

It cannot be true, they say. The universe must joking, would not dare dump such a homophobic, Creationist evangelical nutball on us, this anti-choice, God-pandering woman who's the inverse of Hillary, this woman of deep inexperience who abhors birth control and supports abstinence education and shoots exhausted wolves from helicopters and hates polar bears and actually stands for everything progressive women have resented since the first pope Swift-Boated Eve.

But now, the truly bizarre part. Despite this defiant outcry, a great many pundits and reports have suggested that, just after the Palin VP announcement, a sizable chunk of predominantly white women nevertheless abandoned their tentative support for Obama and leapt into the lyin' arms of McCain, presumably simply because of Palin's gender and PTA momhood.

And thus did the harrowing wail go out: WTF? Could it be true? Are cadres of formerly Obama-leaning white women really so enchanted by Palin's gender and motherhood status that they openly ignore the fact that she basically wants to shove women's rights back about five decades? Can it be so simple, crude, sad?

Let us analyze. Let me, being a straight white male and therefore only capable of gazing in awe at the spectacle that is the indecipherable female intuitive response, foolishly attempt to decipher some of it anyway, and explain why in hell some women might jump to Palin, despite the fact that she essentially hates them.
I love how this guy makes stuff up and expects women to swoon over his words. I do not believe that Sarah hates me nor am I selling myself out or other women because I favor her over Hilary.

Let's talk about Hilary for a minute. The "first lady" who stuck around after she found out her presidential husband was banging whatever happened to land in his lap in the white house. This is a woman who grabbed her cheating husband's tailcoat and held on for the ride. Did she forgive him for what he did or just stick around to get her shot at fame. I think she would have had more supporters if she stood up for herself and walked out of that jackasses life instead of using him for her own gain; at least she would have had more of my interest.

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USpace said...

Thanks for putting her rant here. Sandra Bernhard's biggest attraction was always just an ugly woman trying to be funny. These Leftist women are really losing their minds. Rosanne wondered on Bill Maher's show whether McCain would take away women's right to vote. Even Maher's audience thought that was a nutso thing to think.
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God of the Universe says
never elect a woman

who's a conservative
she's just a gender traitor

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
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DREAM about high fuel prices
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absurd thought -
God of the Universe says

OR a minority
if they are Right of center

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