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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is Senator Biden trying to throw this election?

In his own words he would have been honored to run WITH or AGAINST John McCain (see video below). So... since he couldn't run with him did he take on running against him just to be honored in so doing it? He states he thinks the country would be better off... better off in what way? More than likely he was stating the country would be better off with a man like McCain leading it.

So why did Joe Biden accept being Obama's VP running mate? Doesn't it seem odd that he would take the seat below a man he feels is not experienced enough to lead the country (see the two videos below).

And just today he claims Hilary would have made a better choice than him for Vice President. If that's true, then why did he except the position? Why didn't he tell Obama to choose Hilary? Or maybe he did but he was told "no" so he decided to do the next best thing.

It just seems a little fishy! Perhaps Joe Biden took this on because he feels he can help in sabotaging Obama's campaign. News for you JoeBama... he doesn't need your help in losing this election; all Barack has to do is speak in front of a camera and he adds yet another reason NOT to vote for him.

But seriously... why would he agree to running next to a man he doesn't believe in? I submit that Senator Biden is either trying to help Obama lose (again, he doesn't need help) or he's just so desperate to get his tush in some sort of presidential seat that he will run with Obama even though he's the wrong man for the job. Either way... he's a conniving politician who gives other politicians wet dreams.

After viewing the wonderful video files below, here are some more Biden facts: David Drake and his latest post about poor old pal of Biden: David Drake: Biden Asks Wheel Chair Bound Man To Stand Up

Video Files of Biden's Election-Throwing Techniques

Today, 9/10/08, Senator Biden claims that Hilary would make a better pick
for VP than him. Sounds like he's saying that Barack Obama made a mistake...
and if his campaign continues like this, that will definitely be true.

And definitely(?) an innocent mistake... but still another one of those goofs... ooops!
I'm wondering... if Senator Chuck Graham is Joe's "old pal", then how is it he
"forgot" that his "old pal" was in a wheelchair and COULDN'T stand up. Nice.

And here we have Joe Biden's own words about Barack Obama's readiness
for the presidency in August of 2007... has Obama gained enough experience
and knowledge in just one year to change Joe's mind?

So... I suppose SOME would say this is funny but how funny is it when you hear
a politician say one of those "old jokes everyone says"? Is it cute or innocent... or
just stupid to make stereo-typical jokes when there's A CAMERA RUNNING?
Video took place in June 2006. Clearly Joe's intent was to compliment... did he?

In 1988, Senator Biden felt that the white house wasn't the place to learn-as-you-go...
the candidate needs to know the territory in order to be a great president. He said
it again in August of 2007 but apparently, he has changed his mind.

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David Drake: Biden: "Hillary a better VP choice than me." - Doesn't it make you confident in Obama and Biden?


David Drake said...

Good post! Ya gotta wonder if Biden is secretly working for the Clintons to derail Obama's quest for the White House. Thanks for the mention too.

Bug said...

Hey David... either this guy is trying to HELP Obama look bad or he's an idiot. Either way... how would you feel if you're running for president and the person you pick for VP goes on to say that he or she is not the best choice. Woudn't that tick ya off? Doesn't that sound like Biden is saying that Obama doesn't know what he's doing because he clearly doesn't know how to pick the best person for the job?

Seems so to me.

Thanks for the comments. Good to know someone is reading this stuff; gets lonely in here sometimes. :o)

david drake said...

Ya - I think Biden has a much inflated sense of his own intelligence than is reality. He does make it sound as if he's saying "the guy who picked me doesn't know what he's doing." We know how the press would be playing this if it was a Repub VP saying this about his/her Presidential running mate.

"Lonley"...Awwwww, that's sad. Curl up with Ellie and take a nap. That has to be fun! Hmmmmmm, maybe it's time Ellie starts her own blog.......;-)

Bug said...

See... that's EXACTLY what I think Biden is saying. He's saying that Barack is stupid because clearly Biden is not the man (or the woman) for the job and how can a man who is incapable of picking the correct running mate going to be able to run an ENTIRE NATION.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~