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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daily KOS: Disrespectful to all of the lives lost on 9/11/01

RADARSITE: America The Beautiful: Our Common Hallowed Ground - This kind of Daily KOS CRAP makes my stomach turn... they actually celebrated 9/11 like it was a child's birthday party. Gosh... too bad for the children of those killed on that day seven years ago who can't celebrate ANY of their children's birthdays with them EVER because our enemies decided it would be FUN to gently fly little, itty-bitty friendly airplanes into some of our happy buildings to cause just a little fire and smoke. No big deal... not like anyone got hurt or jumped out of buildings to their deaths or got burned alive or smashed into the rubble of concrete and steal. Good thing nothing like that happened or we would think those at the Daily KOS and those who support them were actually... hahaha... Anti-American, conspiring with the enemy and committing treason or anything unimportant like that. LOL... that's just silly, isn't it.

David Drake: KoS Spikes I Hate 9/11 Post - And isn't it nice when they try to hide what their loving supporters have said and what they have endorsed. Ooops... someone must have pushed the delete button. Could it be due to something called humanity or compassion or maybe even a sense of good vs evil? Could we ever hope for such a thing? No.. the "lovely" people at the Daily KOS woke up to find that the REST OF THE COUNTRY isn't too happy with them and they said "gee... lets get rid of the proof". Real heroes over there.

RADARSITE: b3ta.com: The Source of the Scourge - Here's why they're called the "beautiful people of the world". I'm not sure which one should get the Humanitarian of the Year Award, but I'm sure someone deserves it. Sarcasm... yet another dish best served ice cold.


I wonder... will the liberals and the humanitarians at the Daily KOS spit on my son when and if he must go to fight for their freedom to do just that; disrespect everything about America?

Lets not forget what REALLY happened on that day.

A note to the rest of the world...
America did not strike America... YOU know who did it and you're afraid. You know that America will not strike at you if you say crap about us; we are not that type of people.

Oh... but you know who the enemy is and you know that the enemy will strike at you and you're afraid... afraid... afraid. And instead of saying... shhhhhh, don't say this too loudly... Al-Qaeda... you blame America.

We won't kill you in the streets, slice off your heads or torture you to death. And guess what, if you aren't on our side... then you must be on their side, right?

Well, lets get this perfectly straight. If you aren't on our side, then that means YOU will let THEM in your front door and once they are inside... they will beat you, rape you, slice you, take your children as slaves, kill you if you're homosexual or don't agree with their religion, cover your wife's face while they rape her again and probably... just for kicks... slice off your testicles.

Why? Well, because... you were foolish enough to let them in the front door. How VERY foolish of you; not like you were ever warned... oh wait, you were! {I would appologize for being over dramatic but I'm probably down-playing this way too much}

But who will you eventually hold your hands out to and beg for help? America, that's who. And who will come to your aide? America, that's who. And who amongst you will thank America when we save you?


The answer is no one.

By then we will be considered pirates, villains and conquerors. We are too forgiving, too giving, too helpful and at the same time the world says we are selfish brats. Interesting... perhaps you should fight your own battles and stop asking America, the selfish brats that we are, for help.

Leave our family alone and take care of your own. One can only turn the other cheek so many times before they just can't take it any longer.

The liberals want our men and women to stay away from the armed forces. Hell... they may get their wish because eventually the only thing our citizens will want to do is tell everyone to go to hell and fight their own damn wars. And then we'll toss the liberals who helped create the problem out on their asses. Go live in Iraq or France or some place where they will "welcome" you with open arms and smiling faces.

Ever hear of a cheshire cat?

Forgive me... I'm a little agitated at ungrateful creatures who dare to call themselves human beings.

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david drake said...

The KoS Krowd is a bunch of sick bastards. It's good they do what they do, without them many people would not realized how evil the far left is.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~