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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Captain Janeway and Sarah Palin

I was thinking to myself today as I watched an old episode of Star Trek Voyager how much Captain Janeway reminded me of Sarah Palin. In some ways the way she looks, in other ways her determination and her drive.

After searching the web regarding Captain Janeway and the actress who played her, Kate Mulgrew, I began to wonder if she would appreciate being compared to Sarah Palin.

Personally, when I say they remind me of each other, I am giving both individuals a great compliment. There were parts of the Janeway character that bothered me and there will probably be parts of Palin that bother me... but for the most part, I find both individuals remarkable and strong.

The reason I am not sure of Mulgrew's appreciation is due to what I found out about her life and that of the basis for Kathryn Janeway (of course, who can believe what you read on-line these days). Turns out that the character Kathryn Janeway was based on the feminist author Elizabeth Janeway. That in and of it's self does not state that Mulgrew would dislike the comparison between the Janeway character and Palin but I did find that she is married to Tim Hagan who ran for Governor of Ohio on the Democrat seat. Again... this does not mean she would or would not be flattered.

I am interested now on what Kate Mulgrew's position is on the upcoming presidential election... some of what Kate Mulgrew's Biography indicates makes me believe she may favor a liberal president (due to her husband being democrat and a couple of other points... but not all democrats are liberal); on the other hand she has said the following:

"Life is sacred to me on all levels. Abortion does not compute with my philosophy."
but she also said...

"Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary." [When speaking of the death penalty.]
And since the character Janeway is based upon a feminist writer... that would indicate Kathryn Janeway, if she were a real person, would favor Obama, right? I read a bit about Elizabeth and it wasn't completely clear what type of feminist writer she was however, she was a director of the National Organization for Women's legal and education fund. I have visited the NOW sight and I know where they stand. I guess the question is... was the organization the same when Elizabeth was a part of it as it is now?

I can see how Kathryn Janeway may be considered a feminist... but I would like to point out that there are different types of feminists. There are those who dress in pink and steal passes in order to get their 5 seconds of fame and then there are those Feminists for Life who are real people who hold the word feminist along side with feminine and they do not hate everyone who opposes them.

It doesn't matter... I am complimenting both Palin and Mulgrew's character Captain Kathryn Janeway; both of which are leaders who lead their crews home to victory.

After doing a little more research, I came upon this on Wikipedia which states.

Mulgrew is also an opponent of abortion as well as capital punishment. She received an award from Feminists for Life, a pro-life feminist group. She is quoted as saying "Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary" and "Life is sacred to me on all levels. Abortion does not compute with my philosophy"
Well... I guess I hit that nail on the head when I mentioned Feminists for Life a few paragraphs up. So... perhaps Mulgrew AND Captain Janeway would be happy to be compared to Sarah Palin. We may never know.

Thank you Kate for playing such a wonderful role no matter what your political affiliation and thank you Sarah for stepping up and accepting the VP nomination. May we see your smiling face and your Reagan mentality in the white house soon!


One comment came from a reader who states that Mulgrew does support Obama. I did find an Obama banner on her Facebook site but haven't found the info on her other site TotallyKate. I will look again tomorrow as it's late now and my eyes are burning. :o)


Thanks to those who provided the links. One of them definitely shows Kate declaring her favoritism towards Obama. The video is found on Kate's website and she stated on August 23, 2008 that she wasn't allowed to talk about politics and then said Obama about 6 times (Palin was announced on August 29th). The other video found on YouTube does not say anything about Obama, but it is VERY clear that she does not like the current administration (presumably President Bush in particular).

I think Kate is a fantastic person and obviously we don't agree completely on who should be president... but that's okay. If we all agreed, all the time, then we would be mindless zombies and we wouldn't want that!

This comparison is not political in any way... I am not comparing Kate Mulgrew to Sarah Palin nor am I comparing Captain Kathryn Janeway to Sarah Palin in a political nature. I am comparing a deeper characteristic than that... I am comparing their compassion, their drive and determination and the fact they are all strong women.


Anonymous said...

Kate is a strong supporter of Obama. If you go on youtube and watch the most recent videos of the Canada fan expo you will find reference to her suppport of Mr. Obama.

Also if you check out her official fan club website totallykate.com you'll see there too.

Bug said...

Interesting... thank you for the info!

Bug said...

Hmmm... well, if you come back to the comments section, can you please give the exact url of the video and the page on totallykate.com?

I did see an Obama banner on the facebook site but didn't find an article or statment of any sort. Is there one or is it just the banner? It could be that I just dont know where to look.


Anonymous said...

actually you can find the video on totallykate.com too. I believe her references to Obama are on this one


You can also find a very passionate response to a question asked her at fedcon in 2007 regarding the young people in America. Kate lets her opinion be known when it comes to politics. Here is that link:

If I find any videos or articles that reference her political standings I'll post them for you.

Anonymous said...

Kate Mulgrew supports Obama. Here's the URL for the video from the recent Toronto convention:


Bug said...

I found it! Thanks for the link... it is very clear that she is in favor of Obama. It was funny when she said she couldn't speak about politics and then said Obama about 6 times.

Well... she and I don't agree on who we feel should be president but I respect her and still feel my comparison is a compliment in characteristics of Captain Janeway and Sarah Palin in regards to their determination and drive; obviously I'm not speaking of politics.

Thanks to everyone who shared the links!! I appreciate it and I don't stop liking someone just because we don't agree... thank goodness we have the opportunity to disagree, huh?


Nikki St. Stephen said...

I wanted to let you know that after I found this last night, you inspired me to write "The Top Ten Reasons that Captain Janeway is Better than Governor Palin" and to start posting it on a few different sites.

I disagree that they are similar in any significant way, even though they are both females who have taken on the burden of leadership. A lot of women (and men) share the traits that you listed as the reasons you consider them to be similar. However, I realize that you had the best of intentions and were actually praising both of them, so I'm not going to get on too much of a soap box.

As for how Mulgrew would react, if I had to guess, based on the interviews I've seen, I think she would probably take it in the spirit it was intended and thank you for what you said about Janeway, and then tell you what she thinks about Palin and/or the political situation in this country, whatever that may be.

Of course, I'm just guessing, and someone else may have a completely different idea of what she might do. Who knows? She seems to be rather opinionated and outspoken, but I've never seen her fail to be gracious.

Just the same, given the political views she has expressed in the past, I hope she never finds this. LOL

It's your blog, though. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

DarkKnightBob said...

Or as anyone with an objective viewpoint would see...

Two women. Both incredibly out of touch with what's REALLY going on in the world.

Both making decisions that involve psychotic consequences that end up with the death of millions due to a personal self belief that stretches WAY beyond any level of self-reflection or pause for thought about the consequences.

Seriously if you were actually a fan of voyage you'd realise janeway is probably the WORST comparison you could make.

She tries committing genocide just to prove her point on principle about every chance she gets.

No hate at all. This is just my opinion.

Bug said...

What decision (s) has Palin made that ended with the death of millions?

I have watched Voyager... is there a particular episode (s) you are refering to where she tries to commit genocide?

Thanks for the comments Bob... there was no hate there that I could see. :)

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~