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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bristol - Punished With a Baby, per Obama

It's amazing how the Internet and our ability to have our own blog (journal, if you will) brings out the genius in many and the idiocy in others.

Creating rumors just to say "look at the mess I made" or in hopes of being right and then claiming that you were the first to say it only proves how completely stupid people can be. Creating a rumor, for instance, that Governor Palin did not carry her 5th child but rather her own daughter did was a bad, bad call... and it backfired. Pointing to a little poof in a teen's shirt is not proof of anything... have you seen the clothing styles these days and the baby-fat on a teen's body?

Now we are given Palin's statement that her daughter is pregnant (which means there's no way she could have given birth to Trig) and that she is KEEPING THE BABY and RAISING IT with the father whom she is GOING TO MARRY.

The horror!!!

The issue is not whether or not she should have had sex out of wedlock. Why? Because liberals often do not make that an issue... their issue is BEING PUNISHED WITH A BABY. You see... if Bristol was to have an abortion while being the daughter of a conservative politician, the liberals would have an absolute blast with that... not because they themselves wouldn't do it but because it's a slap in the face of the mother and father who preaches abstinence and accepting your responsibilities.

If Obama's girls were old enough to have a baby and decided to have an abortion... liberals would be thrilled. If she decided to keep the baby and raise it, they would be shocked and think it was irresponsible to give birth and raise a child at such a young age.

It is a personal belief whether it is or if it is not okay to have sex out of wedlock... but it is definitely irresponsible to have sex without protection if you are not ready to raise a child... married or not. Bristol made a mistake and now she has a decision to make. She can abort or she can give birth and give her child up for adoption or she can raise her child herself with her new husband. It is her choice, although with her family's background, they would be happier with certain choices over others... but this girl is going to have a loving family to help her along the way; she is not alone.

It is not my call... but the liberals will find fault in any choice if it is not them making the choice. Hypocrites disgust me!!


Well... I think this was one of Obama's better moves in telling his supporters to back of of Palin and that families (especially children) are off limits. He also mentioned that if he finds out any of his staff were involved or ever are involved in creating a rumor such as this, they will be fired. Now... if it turns out that it ever comes to that... it will be interesting to see if he fires anyone and just how supportive his supporters truly are.

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