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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beware of the Tarzan Blogger

The Kossified media strikes again

Newest Palin Smear: She Cut Special Needs Budget

The Washington Monthly's retraction - below
UPDATE: This is wrong. As you can see if you look at the list of component budgets here (2007) and here (2009), funding for the Alaska Challenge Youth Academy was broken out into its own budget category, which accounts for the drop in funding for the original item. I regret the error. Thanks to rory in comments.END UPDATE.
All brought to you by the liars at this horrible site which will not be named any more in my posts nor will they get a label on my site!

Obviously I have a blog and therefore, I am apparently a blogger...

There are plenty of people out in the world who do not read blogs, understand them at all or even know they exist. Professional journalists and the media are going to blogs to get their news rather than investigating it for themselves and making sure the information is correct. No... they are becoming lazy and irresponsible.

My mother might go on-line maybe once a month... maybe. But I'm sure the liberals don't give a damn about those over the age of 60, right?

So my mother is left to listen to the "real" media on the TV and on the radio that is coming from these "professional" journalists who are getting their garbage news from blogs. Hell, I can make anything up and put it on here... but if it's fake, it is my responsibility to say so. What is happening out there is that bloggers are making up stories by either lying by saying they are posting real news or falling back on the "well, I thought it MIGHT be real but wasn't sure... I was just taking a chance; ooooops". In the mean time, they ruin lives and laugh about it because they love the attention.

"Look at me... I made up this story and US or Newsweek actually believed me and published the information so now... now others think it's true... mwahahahaha! And guess what people... I BROUGHT IT TO YOU FIRST!"

It's all ego... it's all a matter of knowing that they can't be anything important in this world so they hide behind their blog, make up stories and HOPE someone out there will believe them and turn them into an idol or, even worse, a martyr.

I will never purposefully post anything that is false... I shall not mislead anyone and I will not beat my chest like the Tarzan Bloggers who will never leave the jungle nor step into the real world and admit when they are wrong.

This is an opinion blog wherein I pull in news from other blogs or other news sources and make comments on them... I am not a journalist... I am not paid by the media... I am a REAL AMERICAN who is tired of being run over by liberals who hate others for having their own thoughts rather than mimicking their insanity.

Yes... that was an opinion.

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