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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another request for violence from the Obama Team?

Obama requests that his supporters argue and get in the faces of those who don't agree with him... he asks that they make phone calls and knock on doors to do the same.

He claims his supporters are his ambassadors.

Well, Mr. Obama... your ambassadors are not welcome to knock on my door or get in my face to argue with me about "your case". It's up to you to make your case and change my mind. It's pathetic that you're so desperate that you have to request that the average, every day citizen go out and do your work for you.

This is a request for violence, Mr. Obama. Both you and the "lovely" Sandra Bernhard are requesting confrontation and, inevitably, violence. I have no use for your "changes" because it's clear to me that you want a civil war, no matter how it's obtained. You want it through reasons of race or reasons of guns or reasons of taxes or reasons of whatever flip-flop issue you can get your hands on.

I don't mind talking to others who think differently than me, Mr. Obama... what I mind is if they come to me and start screaming in my face or calling me all sorts of obscenities because you requested that they do so. You're a user and a horrible leader. You're not blind... you can see and read the news just like any other person on this planet. You know things are tense out in the real world and you know SOME of your supporters were hoping for a request for face-to-face confrontations because now they can say "well, Mr. Obama asked me to do it... I'm working FOR HIM".

No, Mr. Obama... you are another Hitler looking to abolish those who appose you and I am sickened by your ideals and your methods. I read people stating "it's politics so stop being such a wussy". Really? Why is it politics needs to get nastier and nastier with each generation?

Update: I began to think on this again a few hours later. You know... I don't mind phone calls and I don't mind visits or people stopping to talk to me. What I mind is when those people become jerks and start to lecture me or get angry if that same lecture doesn't change my mind. Those are the types of people who push me away and make me stronger in my own beliefs. They are foolish.


david drake said...

It IS confrontational and violent of what he asks his "ambASSadors" to do. I never thought of it that way. But it makes total sense. That's why I love the good people on my blog roll - like you and so many others - I always, always learn from them. Great post!

Bug said...

Sometimes I get these epiphanies that give me massive headaches. Other times I read the news or other blogs and I just can’t understand what I’m reading. In this case, the liberals have brought so much of their true nature to light that it’s becoming more and more clear how filthy they are. Sometimes I read things like what I’ve posted here and think people are really stretching to get at something that truly isn’t there… but in Obama’s case and the cause of those who support him, they truly are asking for riots in the streets and violence to make a point that will eventually backfire on them.

We are smarter than whomever they think will fall for this crap. It’s ridiculous.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~