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Friday, September 5, 2008

9/11 Videos - 7 years Later

I know it isn't quite September 11th but I'm feeling strong about this NOW and waiting until the actual anniversary will not make a difference; I feel this way no matter what the date.

It's been almost 7 years now since that dreadful day and still we are not allowed to see footage of our country under attack. It's a disgrace that we are being kept in the dark and not allowed to feel the compassion and the anger we all felt on that horrible day. I know there are those out there that think allowing me to feel anger for what was done means that I have not "gotten over it" or "moved on with my life" or that I'm somehow a violence worshiper.

I do not love violence and if it were destroyed every where in the world, I would feel safe. But to tell me I have to get over it and move on is an asinine statement and telling another person how to feel is stupid and, quite frankly, dangerous.

Those growing up who are in grade school know nothing about it other than "it happened"... High Schoolers either didn't see it when it happened or have forgotten it because it isn't talked about in school or at home. My son was only ten years old and he did see it... but does not remember it. I have let him know about it and it is a discussion anyone in my house can have if they want... I do not "bring it up" randomly; there is always a reason for discussing it. He needs to know that terrorists attacked our country and killed our friends and family members.

At the RNC they showed a tribute video that is now found on YouTube under the following description:

This "tribute" which served to only throw fear into the political discourse and frighten voters was shown at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Keith Olbermann spoke for many of us at the sickening images used for political gain.
Go here to watch the video... and here for disussion by Glenn.

There are tons of comments under this video and any comment that is not in agreement with Keith Old'Weinie is slashed with negative marks. My own comment was marked within two minutes of posting (I was agreeing with one of the few who think at least a little like myself):

Very true... it bothers me that we are "protected" from this sight. What happened was brought about by terrorists and evil people who want to enslave every country they can get their hands on. It is disturbing and it does bring a tear to my eyes... but it also reminds me what we're fighting for and why we are fighting still today. These evil people will continue to try to kill anyone that does not think like them... I do not wish to be their servants.
Of course, I go back now and that negative mark is gone... not sure how that worked out, but whatever. I made another post and we'll see how many get mad at me. I DO understand why the videos of 9/11 upset them... they upset me... but there is a difference. I watch them and feel compassion and pain for those who have died and I want to make sure it doesn't happen again by destroying terrorism. Others feel compassion and pain but for some reason want to let the terrorists kill more of our Americans. They feel sending troops is going to cause more deaths... there will be troops who die and it is a horrible, horrible thing. If we don't destroy terrorism then millions of us will die.

I don't make that last comment lightly... my son has joined the Army National Guard and goes to his drill training this weekend. Next summer he will be at basic and, unless there is a new conflict, he will be attending college for four years. And YES... the issues with Georgia and Russia COUNTS... based on when he signed up and when this conflict started. If America gets involved militarily then he will have to be shipped out and put his college on hold. We hope and pray that doesn't happen but he, along with myself, understood such a thing could happen. Actually, it was almost guaranteed that we would be in some sort of conflict during some time in his career because of all the crap going on in the world and the way everyone is full of hate and anger... even in our own country.

To those who say Americans are terrorist... shame on you! We can only turn the other cheek so many times before we must strike back. There are disgusting individuals who want us to beg for forgiveness for something we didn't do... to let the enemy strike us again while we say...

"Thank you sir... may I have another!!"

No thanks! I am a proud American... and pride is not a dishonorable or evil attribute IF that pride also brings people together to DO GOOD... not to turn everyone into what you want, rape their bodies or their minds... or kill just for the sake of killing. No god goes around telling people to spread his word and KILL THOSE WHO DON'T CONVERT!! Those who state their "god" is telling them to do that type of thing is ignorant, enslaved or trying to rule the world.

The above video is pretty good and it shares what happened on 9/11. I don't know for sure what the posters position is or why he/she posted it, but it seems fairly unbiased... although there are 36,466 comments and they are NOT all good, that's for sure.

It will get a few tears flowing and make you think back to all those people who are gone and all those that tried to save them and are still trying to save us.


The video below is entitled "War" and the description is Video of war footage: The song is Bodies by Drowning pool. This one gets your adrenalin pumping to get out and kick some terrorist ass... no matter what Code Pink "lady" they hide behind.

It will get you out of your seat to make those monsters pay.


And this video below is one of my favorites and I have posted it before... but it needs to be seen again and again. Here is the comment the creator had to make about her video after 5,237 comments.
ATTENTION! I apologize for any inconvenience, but I have been receiving way too many negative comments and people arguing with and insulting each other in comments on this video. After a lot of hard thought, I have decided to disable comments on my video. I may or may not turn them back on again, we'll have to see. Again, I'm sorry, but you can thank the people who decided to turn this into a debate forum. Thank you for your time, and I apologize again to those of you who didn't do anything wrong.

This is her newest video called "Don't Give Up"...

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~