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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top Hit Count - Conservative Actors and Friends of Abe

I've been watching the hit counter a little (now that I have one) and noticed that the top hit as of late comes from people looking for conservative actors. A couple weeks ago it was all about the Olympics... the Chinese scandals that are still unresolved and Michael Phelps breaking every record he could get his hands on. Now we're back in the political arena and people are looking for famous faces to put on their walls and in their blogs and on their tongues when they speak to their co-workers. They want to know which actors to follow in movies and which to avoid like the plague.

Conservative Actors - Stand Up and Be Heard - list of conservative actors and information on the Friends of Abe group.

And we have one of our most recent actors being criticized by more liberal actors... if you can call Roseanne an actor... doubtful she can be called much of a human being these days with the ball bashing she does. Who is this Beacon in the Darkness... none other than Jon Voight.

From link above; quote by VOIGHT:
And he helps them. Obama helps these people by saying very vague things. Nothing that they can put their finger on. He says things like, he said during one of his speeches he said I don't want you to just believe in me. I want you to believe in your own dreams. Well, what does that mean? It means, of course, that I'm anything you want me to be. But on the other side there's an agenda that he has that is very clear and it's and if you look into his background, you can see very clearly the agenda. And as you mentioned, when I say socialism, all those things you mentioned are part of the package, of course, if Obama becomes President. So they are trying to keep away from any understanding of what he's going to do. And the way they do it is by cutting any kind of inquiry off with this kind of intimidation. So it's a real you know, it's a really very disturbing package that we're looking at here.

We have Hollywood's Conservative Underground - how ironic is that... liberal actors can shout and wave their arms all day long proclaiming their beliefs and justifications but if an actor suddenly stands up and says "I disagree with you and your politics" they are threatened with being blacklisted. THAT sounds like socialism... or maybe communism. Let's get a few of our history books out, shall we?

I applaud these individuals who have the power within themselves to say "wait... I have a voice all my own and I don't need to live in fear". Sadly, they are under a dictatorship called The Hollywood Elitists.

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