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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Subject of Abortion

I am often reluctant to talk about the subject of abortion. Generally, I am a conservative in many areas however I have mixed feelings about this subject. I do feel it is an individual's choice and should not be dictated by the government... the people should vote to say whether or not it is legal and it should probably go state-to-state.

That being said... I do have strong opinions on WHO should be allowed to have an abortion and WHEN they should be allowed to do it. I do not agree that a minor should be allowed to get an abortion without a parent's permission. I do not agree that a woman should be able to get one passed a certain point in her pregnancy.

As for the teenager wanting an abortion (the WHO)... I was a teen once and I do remember what it was like. I was reclusive and felt that if I did certain things, others would like me and sometimes the people I wanted to have like me, were not the best examples of humans. I recall thinking "if I could just get pregnant, then that guy will want or HAVE to be with me forever". Seriously... this is what I thought. Luckily, what I wished for did not happen.

I do not have a daughter, so I can only imagine how I would feel if my daughter were to get pregnant and then run down to the local doctor to get an abortion (or to the next state) without needing my permission to do so. It angers me when Planned Parenthood steps in and basically takes the place of a teen's parents, family or other important, decision making person in her life.

Point: I understand there are certain circumstances (such as the rape of the girl by her father) wherein getting permission from the parent is difficult. If it was her father and the mother is in denial... that would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for her to get signed permission. And besides that... there are clearly other legal issues that need to be dealt with... like the removal of the teen from such a hostile environment. There are always circumstances and everyone is different and everyone goes through different things that can have the same outcome.

I'm talking more about the girl who has a boyfriend and they were just stupid and didn't use protection. She needs permission from her parents; she needs to swallow her pride and admit her mistake. Will she be met by anger and disappoinment? Probably... but adding further deception and allowing a doctor to perform a procedure that could have complications as minor as an infection... to sterilization... to death; that needs careful thought and investigation to make sure she goes to the right place. Does that mean I feel every girl should have an abortion if she gets pregnant? No... it means that I feel it should be an option but that the parent (s) or another guardian needs to be involved.

As to the timing of an abortion (the WHEN)... I do not have a lock down in my mind as to the exact point in the pregnancy when it is too late. I do, however, have an idea. If the baby can survive in the outside world... it is too late to have an abortion. Personally... I would say NEVER after the 2nd trimester unless the mother or baby will experience horrible complications or one or both will die. My other thought, and this is definately more of a personal belief, if the baby is going to be born with horrible life-time complications... an abortion may be for the best; but again, that is my belief. The question becomes... who is to say what complications are horrible enough? And there in lies the real problem... we can't agree on the "what" and the "when".

So... definately not after the 2nd trimester unless mother or baby is in jeapordy and not for teens without parental permission (except in certain circumstances). Other than these things... abortion is a personal decision and the reason a person has one is no one elses business. I feel strongly that once a fetus reaches a certain stage, an abortion should be the LAST resort. If you've waited too long and you just can't keep your baby... someone else will want to give him or her lots of love.

I think some people have an abortion for pride sake... they would be embarassed to carry a baby to term and then give it up for adoption. On the contrary... that is a much more noble act.

As for Obama's thoughts on abortion... I do not think one should ever feel that the punishment for having sex too young or without protection is to have a baby. If his daughters get pregnant before they are ready and they are not yet adults, then I feel they need their parent's permission... if they are already an adult, then they need no one's permission but should still be mindful of the limits of "when" to have an abortion. But anyone who thinks a child is a punishment should never have sex without protection because clearly they are not prepared for the joy a child can bring.

Just a few of my opinions to add the to crater full.

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