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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moore Claims He Knows What Women Want and That God is Sending Gustav

Michael Moore feels there is a God in Heaven due to the fact hurricane Gustav is on it's way to New Orleans at the same time the Republican convention is starting. He side notes... and I do mean "side notes"... how he hopes no one gets hurt and is taking cover, but still chuckles about how the timing is appropriate in his view.

Moore points out (again... while chuckling) that he doesn't want to hear about Iran any more, or weapons of mass destruction {chuckle} or what they're building. He feels that if the Iranians invaded Canada and Mexico the way "we have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq" that he and Keith would be joining in to build what ever they could to defend themselves. I would like to point out that he did not say they would do everything they could to defend America... no... just to defend themselves.

Is this man a complete idiot? Doesn't he realize that we are trying to keep that very same thing from happening? If we allow terrorists to do what they want, when they want... you're damn straight they will invade Canada and Mexico... why not? If they get control of those two countries then what's stopping them from rushing in like the red sea on both sides and drown us and putting us into slavery?

I have never listened to Keith Ol'BerWeiner (err... Olbermann) and never knew how irritating this man truly is and how much of a journalist he truly isn't! In High School we learned to report the facts... not our over-the-top-elitist view points. This man is not a journalist or a reporter or a grand American... he is a man looking for followers to cheer him on and make him feel bigger than he ever will be. I watched in amazement that he gets paid for such hypocrisy.


Apparently since McCain did not defend Hillary Clinton with fists and strong words when someone called her a bitch, he believes all women are bitches. Honestly, how CAN he say that Hillary is not a bitch and still keep a straight face.

Apparently Moore knows what women want and thinks that women will not vote for McCain simply because he chose a woman Vice President and especially since Palin is against what women are for and need. He feels that the Republicans think women are stupid and that they think we will vote simply because there is a woman on the ballot.

No Mr. Moron Moore... women are not stupid and it's obvious you think they are. Some of them will vote AGAINST McCain because there is a woman on the ballot... some will vote FOR him because there is a woman on the ballot. Hell... some will vote AGAINST Obama because he is black... some will vote FOR him because he is black and some, like myself, don't care if he's purple with green polka dots.

... but most of us will vote for McCain/Palin for real reasons.

I would be most interested to know exactly what Palin has done or has said that indicates she is against what women are for and need. I thought it was conservative actor Mel Gibson who was the star of that movie... not Liberal Moron Michael Moore.


david drake said...

"Is [Moore]a complete idiot?"
Yes, YES he is. He found a way to appeal - only for the purposes of his own personal enrichment - to the crazed Lefties and that's his meal ticket. Hey, when you have an appetite like he does, it's a spendy meal ticket!

"Keith Ol'BerWeiner"...HEY, I'm the one who came up with that name! (just kidding = you know you're welcome to reproduce my images and etc. Not a problem.

Bug said...

Are you serious... did you invent Ol'BerWeiner? Ah... well, I was bound to cross a line somewhere. I can certainly give you credit... if it's something you're proud of. :)

Here is a piece of Moore's letter to God:

Some of us tried to help after Katrina hit, while Bush ate cake with McCain and twiddled his thumbs. I closed my office in New York and sent my entire staff down to New Orleans to help. I asked people on my website to contribute to the relief effort I organized -- and I ended up sending over two million dollars in donations, food, water, and supplies (collected from thousands of fans) to New Orleans while Bush's FEMA ice trucks were still driving around Maine three weeks later.

Can we count how many "I's" there are in this one paragraph thanking God for Gustav's timing. He's a slobbish creep with a "me-me-me" syndrome.

david drake said...

No, you dont have to give me credit for the Olberwiener I was just kiddin ya.

The masses are clamoring for more pics of Ellie though. ;0

Bug said...

Hmmm... well I haven't taken any recent pictures but I'm not sure if you saw the latest up at my other blog: http://bugmemoirs.blogspot.com

Actually, I think you did but you commented on a post on this blog instead if I remember right. I'll have to take a few more soon!!

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~