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Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Biden, The Death Knell For Obama

David Drake: Joe Biden, The Death Knell For Obama

And why did Biden feel the need to point out that Obama is an
"African-American"? Oh, that's right, Lefties can't help themselves from
pointing out when someone isn't white. They think that by doing this it shows
their color-blindness, but what it really demonstrates is that Lefties view
everything through the prism of skin color.
And isn't that the question of the century? People preach and point their fingers at others and scream "racist" at the improper blink of the eye. If you say the wrong word at the wrong hour on the wrong day, suddenly you are labeled a hater. If you defend someone who is white, you are a racist... if you defend someone who has any other color skin, you are a hero.

Why is that?

I can tell you one thing... it's backfiring. So many have dictated how evil it is to be prejudice and then gone on to preach how dishonorable and disgusting it is to say this word or that word or make this face or look in the wrong direction at the wrong time... they've gone so far off track that the original thought (prejudice is bad) has been mixed into a never ending pot of things we can't do or say.

Why is that?

I do not consider myself prejudice. Of course, there are tons of people out there who ARE prejudice who will also say they are not... so who is and who isn't? I will tell you why I am not prejudice. The reason I am not is very clear and obvious to me... I am not prejudice because I do not think about it. Yes, I do realize it's a real problem but at the moment, I am talking about me and only me. I did not look at Obama when he was in the race against Hilary and think "gee... he's a black man"; that thought came to me over and over again when the liberals forced it down my throat. I could have cared less... now I'm worried if he does become president and I'm worried if he doesn't!

We have been programed to look at an individual and sum them up quickly, even if it is not accurately. When I look at another human, I describe them instantly in my head and one of those describing thoughts happens to be the color of skin. It is not because I'm thinking to myself "gee... look at him... he's purple"... no, it's because we, as humans, take a snap shot and then analyse it. How a person does the analyzing is entirely up to him or her.

When a new person comes to work at my job, I take a snap shot and then try to discover if my analyzing is anywhere close to the right (it's a game I play with my mind). Usually, I am not even close. Looking at someone and then deciding anything about him is mostly useless. Oh, there are always exceptions to every rule... but for the most part, looks can be deceiving.

I could care less what color skin the person running for president has... it makes absolutely no difference to me so long as the person is the right person for the job. If you take the wrong person and make him look exactly the way everyone wants him to look... he will still fail the presidency. If you take the right person and make him look absolutely wrong... he will succeed.

Now... I am going to end this with one thing... it is hard to overcome fears about ANY group of people if you have been hurt by anyone in that group (whether it be skin color, age, sex, religion, anything). I get that... I've experienced it and have overcome it (but only after many years). When someone is running for any office... he or she will always come up against those who can't get passed "something" that haunts their individual experiences.

Obama does not fall into any unresolved segments of my life... my own experiences were geared towards a different group that Obama does not fall into (and I am not only speaking of his skin color). Even with those issues taken care of... if someone were to run for president that looked like what I FEEL I have overcome... I may be reluctant because the memories would all come back to me in flashes. Does that make me prejudice? I think it makes me cautious and aware of what is in our world. What one person does can ruin or harm future people who look like similar simply because the person harmed is leery of something evil that happened.

... and it's hard sometimes to realize it was "one" not "all".

My issue with Obama as President of the USA has to do with socialism and nothing to do with how he looks.

Note: Borrowing label from David Drake... JoeBama (love it).


David Drake said...

Thanks for the link! I will add a "Linking Here: Bug Drivel" to the end of that post tomorrow. I'd do it now, but am going to be signing off for the day. Thanks much!

Bug said...

Well... it was a good post and there are issues within it that I'm pretty passionate about these days. I thank you for the return link. :o)

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~