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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Father of former Olympian killed in Beijing

The article below proclaims that Shanghai and Beijing are still safer than most cities their same size. It goes on to state that punishments for crimes against foreigners are heavier than crimes against other Chinese and that they are not allowed to own guns.

First, it obviously did not matter that this man didn't own a gun... he was still successful in killing another human being. If someone wants to commit a crime bad enough, he will find a way even if it means pulling a spoon out of his kitchen drawer.

Second, if you really want to make a big statement in China it sounds like your biggest opportunity would be to kill a foreigner. Did this man realize these victims were American? Only an investigation will tell (and I hope they will run a full investigation and not just take the word of a few officials). Here's a picture of their daughter (who happened to be with them at the time of attack but luckily not injured). She certainly doesn't look to be a citizen of China, especially with the United States flag on her top.

So what was the point of this attack? Did the man know he was attacking Americans... specifically a family with ties to the Olympics? Was it random... was he plotting to bring attention to his cause (whatever that may be)?

The tower where this murder took place is called The Drum Tower and it is an ancient structure that drummers used to inform citizens of the time. Is it time for China to let their people live as they choose? Is it time for China's secrets to come out? Is it time for the Chinese citizens to stand up and say they're mad as hell? Or was this guy just a nut job who happened to have a knife coincidentally near American citizens who coincidentally were in China for the Olympics? I have a hard time believing that scenario.

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