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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Conversations with a Liberal, Part I

My post entitled Obama - Parenting Marxist Style has not received any comments as of yet, however the comments I made on YouTube under the video has definitely stirred up some "interesting" conversations. I love copy/paste functions.


My first comment under this video ended with the statement that McCain will get my vote. This did not sit well with one viewer. I am assuming this person is a man just by his screen name, but who really knows these days.

ME: How many counselors will this little girl need after hearing that everything needs to change because it's all bad? Probably in her small eyes, life is good and there are no evils or terrorist - then along comes Obama - the man hates America and there are people who want to put him in power and allow him to turn our great country into yet another socialist society that will eventually fail. McCain gets my vote!!!

HIM: Then you're an idiot.

ME: Move to Cuba or China or Russia. It's people like you who add comments like "you're an idiot" showing the rest of us just how ignorant & childish you are. When people want to debate with dignity, I'm all for it... but lately, if I make a comment that someone doesn't agree with, I am attacked and THAT is one of the reasons you will never convince me to change my mind. The media is one sided - I am not - and I will stand fast against "idiots" (to use your words) like yourself.

HIM: Dignity? You can shove dignity up your ass, because the only dignity Americans have right now is the dignity of being American, so much so that they're too blind to see that the US needs major change. McCain says to forget about change. McCain is an ignorant douche. Obama said straight up that "America needs to stop being ignorant". How can you not agree with that?! You'd need to be fully retarded to disagree with that statement.

ME: Thank you for proving my point. All you can do is yell and blame others for whatever situation you are currently in. There is need for change but Obama wants to change EVERYTHING and that right there will make him lose. You obviously can not have a conversation without pointing fingers and bombing me (and others I've noticed) with your insults and ignorance. I see no point in you continuing to waste my time with anyone who is incapable of at least having an open mind. Have a wonderful weekend!

HIM: Name me one thing that doesn't need change. America is a shitstain on the map, and no one bothers to change that. Obama is the only one WILLING to do something about it. McCain is going to be another George Bush, and we don't need another one of those for the next 4 years.And how was I pointing fingers? It's you pointing the finger at me and calling me closed-minded when there is nothing to be open-minded about.

ME: You pointed your finger at me by calling me an idiot after my initial statement. It's clear to me that you are voting for Obama and I am voting for McCain; and it is our right to do so. The difference is that I don't call you an idiot in an attempt to bait you. I don't desire to provoke others... I desire to have adult conversations. Where in America do you live that's so horrible. Are you homeless or starving? Clearly you're well enough off to have access to a computer.

HIM: Do I have to be American to give a damn? I admit, you're a good guy with a logical mindset. What you don't seem to realize is that majority of Americans have some stupid way of thinking that they are the best in the world and there's no better place to live other than USA. Everyone besides Americans seem to know that America is one of the worst places to live nowadays because of what the gov. have been up to. McCain thinks just like Bush, and Bush was the one who got you into this mess. Obama, on the other hand, knows full well the way things are turning up, and knows that change is needed. He seems to be the only one who feels that America is in the worst condition of all, now that Iraq is doing so much better than they are in terms of GNP (I think that's what it is). America is wasting money on a pointless war that has been proven to be pointless many times, but everyone believes that the war was needed? For what, to waste money? Obama feels that America is ignorant to these issues and knows that something needs to be done, not like McCain and switch over to the policies that would get him the most votes every time one of them isn;t working. Even if Obama is BS'ing, the fact that he knows what's wrong with what once was a great nation makes him a better candidate for this election.

ME: These are responses I can respect, whether or not I agree, you show logic & are non-threatening. I disagree that all non-Americans think this is the worst place to live - if that were true people would stop moving here. McCain does think more like Bush, that is true, but he is not a conservative candidate. We have a very far left candidate and a liberal candidate. This leaves people with little choice so they vote against the one we don't want by voting for the other. Obama doesn't have to love everything about America & everyone knows there are things that need to be fixed. What we need is the government to be in the hands of the people & the states while the federal government does what it was created to do -- protect us, not make us all identical & bail us out when we make mistakes. Obama's plans sound socialistic in tone. I have my doubts about either candidate but they are both talking about change, Obama just has a bigger list.

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