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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Conservative Actors - Stand Up & Be Heard

A list of the top 25 actors was found here at one time but apparently the site no longer exists. After doing a google search, I found another site that somehow saved the info from the original site before it disappeared... it is found HERE. I don't know how accurate the list is nor how long ago it was compiled. I am interested in determining how many others should be placed on it... definately Jon Voight.

Per the original website, the list below is in order of the most conservative to the least conservative based upon things they have said and money they have donated(or not donated). What would be great? If they would make a stand instead of remaining silent and letting us assume they are all liberal... since that is the stereotype we place them into.

Top 25: Ben Stein; Chuck Norris; Sylvester Stallone; Pat Boone; Wayne Newton; Kelsey Grammer; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Charlton Heston; Tom Selleck; James Caviezel; Kurt Russell; Drew Carey; Tony Danza; Robert Duvall; Clint Eastwood; Dennis Hopper; Heather Locklear; Rip Torn; James Woods; Stephen Baldwin; Lara Flynn Boyle; Bo Derek; Sarah Michelle Gellar; Mel Gibson; Angie Harmon

Honorable Mentions: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; Freddie Prinze Jr.; Adam Sandler; Ron Silver; Fred Thompson; Vince Vaughn; Bob Barker; Ernes Borgnine; Jule Bowen; Dean Cain; Shannen Doherty; Bruce Willis.

Article: Hollywood's conservative underground: 'Friends of Abe" group meets quietly

Excerpt from article above:
Participants said Friends of Abe is not partisan, but rather functions as a support
group where Republicans, Democrats and independents alike can discuss issues they
care about. And the low-key gatherings at restaurants and homes have given
conservatives a safe place to meet and express their views, they added.

"A Friend of Abe is someone who has reverence for those who serve in our military
and believes that American liberal democracy is a unique success, different from
others, and it's worthy of the respect of our popular culture ... of Hollywood in
particular," said screenwriter Lionel Chetwynd, who helped organize Friends of Abe
luncheons when they began four years ago.
Craig Haffner, a producer who also attended the gatherings, said Friends of Abe is
"not a political action group; people are gravitating to it because they love their
country." While the group is not organizing any political activities, some of its
members are taking action into their own hands.

Actor Jon Voight, Mr. Boone, Mr. Chetwynd and Mr. Haffner have stepped forward
and actively campaigned for Mr. McCain's presidential bid. Mr. Boone said he talked
to McCain campaign staffers last week about how he and other stars can help.
Supporters now are assembling a formal organization for Mr. McCain in Hollywood,
a few of the leaders said.

Continued from article...

David Horowitz, another Hollywood conservative and founder of the Los Angeles-
based Center for the Study of Popular Culture, said the group is serving a good
purpose but he worries its members won't be aggressive enough.

"There's a kind of ... intellectual terror in this town. People are terrorized; they're
afraid to say what they think. So what Gary is doing to provide aid and comfort to its
victims is admirable, and I applaud him for it," he said. "But my concern is it's not
going to be much more than that."
Conservative actors... stand up and be heard. If several of you stick up for what you believe in, then there will be a lot less backlash to feel (and you will have plenty of support out here in the "real world"). The problem is there are so little that let their beliefs and thoughts become public. Meeting privately is a start but doing it as a social gathering will not help anyone out here >waves< who wonders if Hollywood is just a bunch of nut jobs who want the country to turn to socialism.

... and if you think working in Hollywood is hard now... you just wait until you work under a socialist thumb.

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