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Friday, August 15, 2008

Chinese Olympians for 2008 - How old are they?

Alright... alright... let's talk about the controversy about "age".

I've been reading articles here and there about everyone wondering if the Chinese girls are all going to turn at least 16 this year. Lately there has come forth a little more eyebrow raising with our friend on Google called "cache". Cache is a wonderful feature (or a detrimental one) because it can show what a website looked like BEFORE it was changed. For views of cached information on this, view this blog: Gateway Pundit: China Busted

Asians often do look younger than other people from other nationalities. I have a Korean friend whom I thought was about eight years younger than me... turns out she's two years older; and I already don't look as old as I am.

But even with that fact in mind, the girls in question (YANG Yilin: website states she was born in 1992 but if you view cached information, the year is 1993) looks to be about 12 years old for ANY nationality. Yang is not turning 16 this month... she's turning 15. That being said, she barely looks her current age of 14. So with that knowledge, one could say she really could be 16 if she looks 12 and is actually 15. Did you follow any of that? It's definitely confusing.

Another girl (He Kexin) has a cache out there that indicates she is a year younger than we are being told she is. Again... go here for more on that: Gateway Pundit: China Busted

I had thought of something earlier... what are the odds that some of these girl really think they are going to turn 16. If they believe they are older than they really are... that we be very convincing if questioned. Of course, if they really ARE turning 16... hello... that would be embarrassing for all of us. On the other hand... they could very well know they are not old enough and that would make them just as guilty.

I have a very hard time believing that everyone made innocent mistakes. Her parents, trainers, team mates, family, those she lives with... someone knew her real age and was either involved in the cover-up or too afraid to say anything. And when a person says "they were afraid to say anything for fear of their government"... people roll their eyes and say things like "that only happens in the movies". Really? Interesting how people can say that with a straight face.

The question is... how would we, the American people, feel about our team suddenly holding the gold due to a disqualification. What I want to see happen is for them to be embarrassed... to apologize... and then have to live with the fact that every country will be leery of them in the future. I would find it more shameful for them realizing everyone knows they cheat.

It's not a matter of ripping the gold out of their hands in order to give it to our girls... silver is fantastic... it's a matter of going by the rules set forth and agreed upon by every nation and sticking with them even if that means you miss out on the medal you want. These girls are Olympians because their government told them they would be no matter what they wanted from life. Their families push them to remain there no matter what they want from life now (just look into the lives of at least one of their divers and one of their gymnasts... they begged to go on with something else). It is a status symbol... a way of having your child pull the family out of the poverty and giving the family name honor. Okay... I can see how that would be appealing... but when does a life become it's own destiny and not that of their government.

My favorite picture out there... four girls doing a little shopping and letting their smiles peak out; right here it seems their ages shine right on through their tough Olypian souls. The girls mentioned above are shown here on the far left. Personally, I think the girls on the right look even younger.

Four of the six gymnasts on the Chinese women’s Olympic team
Yang Yilin, He Kexin, Deng Linlin and Jiang Yuyuan — at an Olympic
souvenir store at the athletes’ village Sunday in Beijing.
(Photos by Juliet Macur/The New York Times)


Kim said...

I don't know if this made the US news, but one of the big "scandals" here in Japan was finding out that the Chinese dubbed the voice of the little girl who sang at the Opening Ceremony. They chose the 9 year old because of her cute appearance, but used the singing voice of a 7 year old who they didn't think was as cute, but had the voice of an angel. I know lip synching is done all the time, but the message it sends out to a lot of people is that you ARE willing to cover up things in order to look the best and be the best.

Bug said...


Yup... it's made the news alright. There's even the news about the supposed 56 different children representing the 56 different ethnic groups in China... turns out they were not even close.

There's way too many lies coming out... girls under age, different girl singing because the original wasn't cute enough and the faking of different groups. Seems China is trying way to hard to win and look gooooood at the same time.

It's really a shame because now I don't know that I would ever want to visit their country because who knows what I would come across.

kim said...

I heard that! I was watching a blurb on CNN about the food stalls near or in the Olympic villages where people were eating such Chinese delicacies like Scorpions on a stick and seahorse. *ick* But the reporter came across a menu item "dog meat" and all "dog meat" has been banned during the Olympic games because China doesn't want to upset tourists. This infuriates me that dogs are even on the menu in the first place! Japan has had several issues with China in the recent year (food poisoning, toy recalls, etc.) so the press hasn't been favorable. And with all these recent Olympic claims, they are certainly not gaining much trust or respect from the world.

Bug said...

I watched a reporter go out on the streets and try scorpions and other things but dog wasn't mentioned. Dogs and cats are pets; not food.

And we've had a lot of toy recalls... interesting to hear it's happening in other places as well. Sometimes I wonder about the information we get in the news since it's getting more and more controlled. But with the internet... I think it will always be hard for any group to keep things under wraps.

Dave said...

Underage gymnasts? Maybe not...


Bug said...

Hmmm... well, thanks for the link but all I really have to say is... it's a video made by the Chinese, about the Chinese; they certainly wouldn't make themselves look bad especially since they flat out deny the girls are underage.

It's not proof... it's just a cute video of little girls doing hand stands. And about those handstands... wow... I can hardly do a cartwheel.

May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~