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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And the Media Goes Crazy

What??? How can this be... how can they say such things about Barack "super-star" Obama? Can it be that those in the press (or at least two of them) are seeing Mr. Flip-Flop, Spin-Master for what he is... an opportunist?

Let us start here: THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE - Whoa... an article from the heart of Liberal Country. Well... the article's author tosses in a little advice at the end but other than that... it seems like an article written with tears and broken fingers.

Excerpt... ah hell... lets add the whole article:
[Sen. Barack Obama's energy policy is offering more flip flops than a Lake Tahoe souvenir stand.

First the presumptive Democratic nominee opposes offshore oil drilling, but, wait, now he doesn't. Second, he never suggested dipping into national petroleum reserves, and now he wants to open the spigot.

And remember how he hooted at suspending federal gas taxes as a primary-season stunt? Now, he wants $1,000 rebate checks mailed out to families, paid by a windfall profits tax on the oil industry that was tried and dumped in the 1980s.

The crushing power of $4-a-gallon gas lies behind these changes along with polls showing his modest lead is dwindling. Other polls, showing a slim majority of the country now favors coastal drilling, have made it easier to switch positions with little pain.

But the ideas that Obama is now embracing come loaded with flaws and offer the driving public only momentary relief at best.

Opening up new coastal areas for drilling will take five years or more before these supplies dent pump prices. And the petroleum reserve is a form of disaster insurance that the nation draws on in a true crisis, not a presidential campaign.

Obama remains committed to a long-term energy plan that would wean the nation off its oil addiction and create new sources of power. It's the right direction, but the Illinois senator will never get there if he keeps making detours to score.]

More flip flops than a Lake Tahoe souvenir stand... MWAHAHAHAHA!

And lets finish here: NEW YORK POST - Two more reversals... surprise, surprise. The big point of this article?
"What does Obama stand for, besides whatever is popular at the moment."

The article (shown below) also says that McCain is RIGHT ABOUT SOMETHING!! Wow... is this Bizarro World? And I agree... at some point Obama is going to have to declare what he stands for and pick a policy to stick with rather than change his mind every time he hears another poll. If President Bush listened to the polls, not only would he be insane but we would have pulled our troops, sent them back, pulled them, sent them back, pulled them... it's the song that never ends!

Excerpt... ah hell... lets add the whole article again:

[One more week, one more Barack Obama reversal on a key issue.

Actually, make that two reversals.

The Democratic presidential hopeful says he's now open to easing the offshore-drilling ban, and he wants to tap the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

What a difference a few polls make, no?

Until recently, Obama was adamantly against offshore drilling and tapping the SPR.

Why the shift? Because voters are longing for relief from $4 gas and he thinks his new views will win them over.

So much for principles.

To be fair, John McCain has also shifted his views to support offshore drilling. But McCain isn't trying to have it both ways: When prices soared, he did his 180 because the facts had changed.

Obama, by contrast, still opposes drilling - but says he'll back it if it leads to a deal on legislation pushing fuel-efficient cars and alternative energy.

Right. That might be believable if he hadn't also made popular turnabouts on many other issues, like NAFTA, the terror-monitoring bill and talking to Iran.

Obama's new view on drilling, of course, is welcome; environmental concerns pale next to the need for more oil.

His switch on SPR oil, on the other hand, is not. The reserve is meant for national emergencies, not as a tool to ease prices - as even he once noted: "The reserve should only be used in the event of an emergency," he said, not "to provide a small, short-term decrease in gas prices."

And he's U-turning on yet a third oil issue: He wants a windfall-profits tax on oil companies, even as he voted to give them breaks in '05. McCain voted against the breaks but is against hikes now.

McCain's right on this, too: If you want more domestic oil, why make it more costly for those trying to produce it?

But here's the more important question: What does Obama stand for, besides whatever's popular at the moment?

Yes, his campaign slogan touts "change." But at some point, he's going to have to pick a policy and stick with it.]

So... does this mean the media is seeing the writing on the wall and is also flip-flopping... or are there actually men and women out there who have heard enough garbage and realize the truth of things? Or... maybe they just see that their new favorite candidate isn't going to turn out to be "THE ONE" and they are jumping ship like a flea on a bathing dog. Opportunists, the lot of them.

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