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Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Men Like Petraeus... less like "no namers" at moveon

What are the democrats and Lefties so upset about? Lets take a look (read the two posts before this one to get a better view).

Ever notice how those who have no name to the rest of the world have to attack those whose name stands out in the minds and hearts of others? Usually, great accomplishment in a person's life brings that person recognition and, in some cases, fame. If you don't have the time or talent to actually DO SOMETHING with your life to get that same spot light... what better way to get it shining directly in your face than to attack someone already there? You won't get it if you praise them or send fan mail... nope... you have to bring them down and bury them alive.

Petraeus calls for gradual drawdown

He would pull some troops out of Iraq now and reach pre-'surge' levels next summer.
By Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 11, 2007

WASHINGTON -- -- Delivering a much-anticipated assessment of the military buildup in Iraq, America's top commander there, citing improvements in security, recommended Monday that the U.S. start withdrawing some troops later this month but not return to pre-"surge" levels until next summer at the earliest.

Army Gen. David H. Petraeus said he would send home a force of about 2,200 Marines this month, and he recommended that an Army brigade of about 3,500 return home in December. But Petraeus advised keeping the remainder of the buildup forces -- four brigades and two Marine battalions -- in Iraq through July.
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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~