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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

911: Six Years and Counting

Thoughts in 2005

Thoughts today:

I'm baffled why we don't have a memorial where the Twin Towers once stood... or new buildings in their place. I don't understand why our borders still stand wide open and some of our citizens want us to forget what happened six years ago by abandoning the fight against terrorism.

Last year I was sad and finally felt the pain of loss of all those killed during the invasion of our country... all those killed during the further protection of our country.

This year I am just angry... angry at those who use politics to hold us back and cause more and more people to die. If our military were actually allowed to FIGHT in this war rather than be afraid to pull a trigger for fear of being put in jail by their own country, then perhaps we could end this war and terrorism would be defeated.

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~