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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"The United States should not have a military" Gerardo Sandoval

This man honestly believes that the United States of America SHOULD NOT have a military! He wants to know what good the military has done for us during the last 5 years.

This video of Hannity and Colmes interviewing San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval really brings out the colors of not only Sandoval but also Colmes. Colmes jumps in towards the middle to clarify Gerardo's statement becoming visibly and verbally distressed and filled with disbelief that this man could say that America should not have a military.

Apparently, per Sandoval, we can use cops and the coast guard to defend America and in a thousand years we won't need a military.

I tell you what... if this man gets his way, not only will we not have a military, we'll be on our knees begging for our lives and completely oblivious to what freedom use to be... it probably won't even be a word.

If we don't have a military, we can't defend ourselves against our enemies... and we do have enemies. Can you imagine the boats and planes filled with terrorists coming into America to take over? It would happen the day after we retired our military and the day after that we would no longer be free to walk to the grocery store or drive across town or feel safe going to work.

This man needs to be dismissed from his post and sent to a country that doesn't care about freedom and individual rights. He clearly doesn't believe in individual rights... look what he's done to Michael Savage.


Arc said...

This chup is insane!!! He made Colmes look tough on national security... Hello!!!!

dave drake said...

I voted for Beck as the next talker to be harassed by the Insane Lefties. I think they are gunning for Beck in a big way. More than Limbaugh.

molson said...

I had an English teacher back when I was in High School, her name was Mary, who believed that if the US completely disarmed and we all acted like little puppy dogs, no one would ever attack us. I crap you negative on this. I can remember my friend muttering quite out loud..."Mary you're freaking crazy." except freaking wasn't exactly the word he used. He used to do that a lot in that class anyway because Mary was indeed completely crazy, but in a fun kind of way. Funny thing was that Mary never seemed to notice, but everybody else in the class had no problem hearing it. That used to crack me up. It wasn't quite as funny as when another friend of mine would throw Hostess Pie's at the window of another English class I was in. His intent was to just hit the window so the pie would slowly slide down you know for comedic effect. It was actually quite funny because we never knew when it would happen and no one knew who was responsible other than me. Well one time, the window was partly open and the pie (cherry I think) hit the edge and exploded into pie shrapnel which flew through much of the class leaving many victims. The horror. The horror. I remember a guy named Bob took most of the pie to the side of his head. It wasn't very pretty. What this has to do with disarming the US, I can't quite say other than if I took a Hostess pie to the side of the head, I know I'd want to go to war.

Bug said...

Hey Molson... I think I can see the bigger picture now...

I'm going to write a letter to President Bush explaining we no longer need the airforce or the navy or the army or the marines... we only need cops and the coast guard armed with Hostess Pies (or Little Debbie treats).

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~