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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Michael Savage attacked by San Fran Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval

And something that happened this last week that just... well, it makes me angry.

Seems the city of San Fransisco decided to attack Michael Savage's 1st amendment rights. Shame, shame!!

San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution condemning Michael saying he used "defamatory language... against immigrants.”

Michael Savage is a talk show host with a lot to say... he is not a racist nor does he cause others to be racist. He made comments based on what was happening in the news and put "it out there" without fluffing his words to be careful not to offend someone.

In today's world... anything a person says will offend someone, somewhere. Just because this Supervisor doesn't like the message Mr. Savage is stating doesn't give him a right to introduce a resolution against him and encourage people to rally against him in front of his place of work. This guy is attacking an American citizen who has committed no crime.

He claims that Michael is 'symbolic of hatred and racism'... basically this idiot is saying he will stop another man's opinion from being heard by other people by threatening legal action against him. This is against everything America is for... free speech... free will and the ability to hear what you want.

This is not a communist country... or a socialist country. This is the United States of America.

I heard a talk show just today wherein the host was spouting on and on about how horrible capitalism is and how the big companies are only in business to make profit (duh) and how the little guy should rise against them to protest and basically make it so everyone gets paid the same wage while businesses earn little to encourage them to stay open.

That is a communist society and I didn't like the message one bit... but I won't take legal action against him because I feel he's harming our society (which he is), nor will I encourage others to harm him or do anything to prevent him from his 1st amendment rights. I didn't like his message and I felt he could be causing riots in the streets with his "get rid of the big businesses and hate those in charge" attitude. The fact is... this man should just shut up... but it's his right to be stupid and it's my right to think he is.

Letter from Savage's lawyer mentioning important facts!!

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