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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hilary Clinton - No Thanks

I was looking around the web for a few "NO to Hilary" pictures and came across quite a few sites. I was surprised.

Clinton Body Count - A list of people who died who had a connection to the Clintons. I was surprised by the large amount, but now have a way of arguing against those who say noone died when Clinton was in office.

I like this site... No Hilary Clinton, where I found the funnies video about the "Hilary Man".

As for the video below... do you think that's why she's smiling? And if so... what do we think of it? Do we think she cares for our people and our country? I believe she only wants to promote herself higher and higher until she's the king of the United States (and no... that wasn't a type-o).

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May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~