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Monday, July 2, 2007

The $50 Presidential Bet

My boyfriend and I have a bet. He thinks H.C. will be the next president and we'll all have to get use to calling her "madam president". He does not favor her and does not want her to be president... he just thinks people will be fooled, and I quote, "we'll have yet another First Lady Clinton". Uh... that was referring to Bill, in case you didn't catch it.

I am being the optimist and saying she will not be the next president. Sigh...

I really don't know. I do think that many people will vote democrat just so they don't have to vote republican.

The two parties are so much different than I remember when Ronald Reagan was president. I remember my step-dad claiming he voted democrat because they were for the "little guy". They aren't like that now. They try to pretend they are by pointing fingers at the republicans in an attempt to take the eyes off themselves. They want everyone to have the right to do anything they want so long as it doesn't interfere with the underlying desires of that party.

What would they do if green peace had to fight a gay black man who wanted to marry an illegal immigrant while standing on the only land where an endangered animal or plant lived... and one of them was wearing a shirt that said "Global Warming is Bullshit" and the other said "Down with Bush". I suppose the guy could be making a sexual preference comment, but we'll assume it's talking about our president.

Which right would they go against in order to gain control so that everyone lined up with what they wanted?

The republicans, I thought, were to help keep America strong in its footing in the world. Keep us powerful and keep our enemies at bay. They are the rational party... the party that doesn't find another thing to change just to keep everyone guessing. They are the party for consistency. Now they just bow to the desires of the democrats because they fear the American people want what he democrats offer.

Well, hello! Of course many Americans want what they offer... they offer EVERYTHING with the option of everything changing tomorrow to suit the fact we have to add something else to the pot.

It's insane.

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