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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pictures of Ellie - by request

Per a request from David (thanks for stopping by again!) I am adding a few of the newest pictures of Ellie. Here are some shots I took JUST today... in and around our HUGE back yard pool. Ellie is beginning to hold true to the stereo type bestowed upon labs... she likes the water. She doesn't really like it in her ears... which is good because the vet warns about ear infections. I sprayed her back a few times to see how she would react... she runs and then comes back for more!

This is the second post for today... please scroll for the first.

Ellie enjoying a cool drink from the fancy water fountain I installed myself. Notice how it gently sprays our HUGE backyard pool... also installed by me.

Ellie is now 3 1/2 months old and she has no clue she's getting bigger. All of the pictures prove that she is and she just keeps growing!

Here's she's telling the fountain who's boss.

Ellie likes the water but per the look on her face in this shot, she really doesn't like it when the fountain suddenly comes to life and splashes her in the face. Uuuugh... it got me!


dave drake said...

wow is she ever growing! geeeez! She's gonna a big dog! We know who's gonna be the "boss" right?!

I gotta fly, will check in tomorrow as well!

David Drake said...

i cannot get over how much she's grown, especially compared to the June 3 pictures, espcially the last one after her bath. She is just adorable!

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