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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here's a Poll

I participated in a poll... mind you it was from a conservative website (Hannity)... but it's still a poll. I wonder if anyone will take it seriously?

I didn't look at the results until after I voted... but while I was viewing the options I thought to myself that it was a close call for me between Illegal Immigration, the War on Terror and Homeland Security.

So I voted... for the War on Terror and then looked at the results.

1. Illegal Immigration got 48.29%
2. War on Terror got 30.39%
3. Homeland Security got 13.33%

Everything else was below 2 % at the time I participated.


Seems to me that all three of these issues are closely related. To me it just proves that conservatives are mostly worried about the same things... keeping our country safe!!

Note: But since I don't believe in polls, I suppose I shouldn't bother, right? That seems to be what's happening. So many polls seem false... even this one could be false if their website allows you to vote more than once. But because I've been jaded to them I end up with two feelings when I read a poll like this 1) Whoooo - hoooo .... finally there's something out there that reads true to my feelings or 2) It's just another stupid poll and since I don't like any polls, I can't be a hypocrite and just go with the one that agrees with me.

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Full results as of the afternoon of 6-19-07

Results: What issue do you think is the most important in the '08 presidential election?
1. Illegal Immigration 48.29%
2. Free Trade 0.42%
3. War on Terror 30.39%
4. UN 0.13%
5. Education 0.65%
6. Abortion 1.87%
7. Gun Rights 1.35%
8. International Relations 0.93%
9. Social Security 1.13%
10. Free Speech 1.51%
11. Homeland Security 13.33%

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